famke janssen nude pictures

Famke Janssen Nude Pictures

Dutch beauty Famke Janssen – who most know as Dr. Jean Grey from the X-Men series of films (aka Phoenix) – has a cute set of small tits as we see here. Normally she is ultra careful about keeping those boobs under wraps, and shies away from appearing nude but fear not, the goodies are below.

Some trivia and thoughts from Fanke and even from her character Phoenix as the Famke Janssen nude and sexy pictures show unravels…

  • Janssen grew up in Amsterdam and worked as a model in her native Netherlands for several years before signing with Elite Model Management and working again in London, Paris, New Orleans, London and London.
  • She moved to New York with her husband where she worked for a number of fashion agencies, including Giorgio Armani, L’Oreal and Chanel.

She made her directorial debut in Bringing Bobby in 2011, and hopes to begin shooting a film she wrote, a satire based on a novel. Did you know she was also cast in in Men in Black – if not, you do now!

Famke Janssen Cleavage and Nipple Pokies

famke janssen nude and sexy

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There’s something about Famke that you can’t quite put your finger on. She undoubtedly has sex appeal, and it’s probably to do with her cool demeanour. Famke isn’t overt with her sexuality in the way other actresses she has appeared alongside such as Halle Berry, or fellow sexy Bond Girls like Ana De Armas. What she does have though is a sense of coiled up libido that could exploade at any moment. Or maybe it’s that strong association with her Phoenix character that swings us towards that thinking. Either way she is still a natural beauty with an amazing pair of legs, and her small boobs are still able to pull off a bit of cleavage when required.

Famke Janssen’s nipples are almost as big as her tits. Well not quite, but taking a look at these pictures of Famke and her pokies shows the brunette bombshell has a meaty set of eraser tips trying to fight their way through that material. You can almost imagine them springing back and forth in your mouth as you give them a good going over with your tongue. Or is that just me?

Famke Janssen Nudity

Famke Janssen nude is a very rare sight, she is quite demure for an actress. Nonetheless she positively oozes sexiness. Her on-screen chemistry with Hugh Jackman in the X-Men films is the stuff of Hollywood legends past. In fact the only modern day lead actors we can think of that have clear chemistry are Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, across a few movies they did together. Naked she has gone though on-screen, made all the more appealing by the fact she hardly ever disrobes for the camera.

As far as Famke’s Hollywood outings go, that faintest of nipple peeks, along with the sideboob glance is as far as Janssen has dared to bare.

But, and it’s a big but – Famke showed her titty off in a picture in her early career as a model. Hoorah! So finally from Famke at least, is this rare topless shot from her modelling days with boob and nipple popping out to say hello. Well, if tits could talk maybe that’s what a boob would say. Clicking the pic will take you to the full size image of Famke’s breast!

famke janssen revealed

Ladies and gentlemen that concludes the nude and sexy picture showcase of Famke Janssen. We hope you enjoyed the show of skin!

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