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Euros 2021 Italy v England Nude Celebs Battle [Part II]

Second part of the teams as we look towards the attacking nude celebrity players with midfield and strikers (you can do your own jokes on that one!) As before, just tap if on a mobile device, or click if using a mouse, any picture to open it in full size 🤩

Part I with the goalkeepers and defence is over here so away we go with the England representatives in midfield for part II of the battle being: Geri Halliwell (Ginger Spice from The Spice Girls), Kate Winslet, and UK darling Linda Lusardi, the Page 3 model turned household fave…

Geri Halliwell Nude (England)

Geri hit fame with the Spice Girls, but prior to that did some nude modelling to generate income as she did the rounds back in the day of auditions and the like. It paid off when she was picked to be Ginger Spice, and she has no regrets about her nude pictures – and why should she, she looks stunning!

Kate Winslet Nude (England)

Kate has often joked about the amount of times she has gone nude in films or for sex scenes, recently stating that it was probably time she gave up the on-screen flesh flashing. Thanks for the mammaries Kate, you did yourself proud…

Linda Lusardi Nude (England)

Not so famous outside of the UK, Linda was a household name in the 80s as a Page 3 girl – popular tabloid shitrags featured a topless girl each day, and Linda’s beaming smile helped kickstart many a morning for Englishmen. Moving on to tv appearances later in her career, this bubbly, warm lady also posed nude but not published in the UK, until of course the internet meant those could be shared. A hairy bush was the order of the day back then, it’s a shame she didn’t pose for later nudes with a shaved pussy, but such is life.

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The Italian midfielders are Violante Placido, Maria Grazia Cucinotta, and Sabrina Ferilli…

Violante Placido Nude (Italy)

Violante is a singer and an actress, and we don’t know too much about her except that she has a cracking set of boobs, and got her pussy out in a number of Italian movies

Asia Argento Nude (Italy)

Asia is famous for being a vocal memeber of the MeToo movement, was fucking celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain, and has starred in the movies Land of the Dead, as well as Marie Antoinette, and XXX. Born in Rome, Asia loves getting her clothes off for the camera and showing off her nicely weighted tits and pussy.

Sabrina Ferilli Nude (Italy)

Sabrina came into the world in Rome, back in 1964 – June 28th to be precise – the daughter of some speaker dude for the Italian Communist Party. She has disrobed in both ‘serious’ films, as well as farcical movies, and when questioned on the clothes off in sex romp roles, hit back saying she was proud to be associated with those type of films, as she loved them. Good for Sabrina!

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Providing the goods up front in more ways than one, for England it’s Lad’s mag staple Keeley Hazell, Big tits model Kelly Brook, and Alice Eve (born in London, don’t you know).

Keeley Hazell Nude (England)

A firm fave in the UK, Keeley’s big natural tits saw her first become a topless model, before moving into acting. The starring role she is most sought out for, is the infamous Keeley Hazell Sex Tape – she proves quite the skilled blowjob artist with her then boyfriend’s impressively sized cock, and shows us how her shaven pussy gets fucked as well. It was banned in the United Kingdom a little while after it was released, and for legal reasons we are prevented from showing it on this page, but, as always you can see it at the sextape archives here (it’s VERY naughty!)

Kelly Brook Nude (England)

Big tits model Kelly has no qualms about showing her pussy and going full frontal for her film parts, baring it all in B-movie Piranha. Boasting a much envied near flawless figure of 44E-37-27, those proportions are why she has had huge success over the course of her career. Always being prepared to do nudity also had a huge hand in that of course. The pics below are during filming of Pranha, on vacation, and wearing one of her famed revealing dresses without a bra, which show off her erect nipples to perfection.

Alice Eve Nude (England)

Big tits milf Alice Eve was the girl on everyone’s lips when she agreed to nudity and showing off those funbags that make you want to reach out and grab them, give them a good squeeze, then jiggle those tits a bit before sighing with contentment. As proud owner of a great pair of natural stress relievers, Alice has both calmed down, and got men excited all at the same time. Quite the power trick, and befitting an A-list Hollywood star such as herself. We have thrown in a wet tshirt pic from the huge collection of Alice’s nude pics & movie clips just because it’s such a great smile she’s wearing while she lets us peek at her stiff wet nipples.

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For Italy’s nude celebrity forward line we have the stunning Marisa Tomei and her pierced nipples, Gloria Guida known for her acting in ‘erotic farce’, and Laura Antonelli the Italian sex comedy queen.

Marisa Tomei Nude (Italy)

Everyone’s favorite Aunt May, Marisa is no stranger to ditching her clothes and appearing nude. Ms Tomei played a stripper in The Wrestler, and believe it or not, was 44 years old in the center and right pics below, complete with pierced nipple rings and all. She was 43 in the left topless picture, baring her breasts for Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead, those tits are still shapely and full as if she was in her 20s! The nudes of Marisa are right here if you want to see them

Gloria Guida Nude (Italy)

Blonde bombshell Gloria was born in Merano, in 1955. She spent the 1970s and early 1980s appearing in commedia erotica all’italiana, which translates as Italian erotic comedy, movies. Not shy in the slightest about going full frontal nude, she also stripped naked in coming of age films of the era. The Scorpio stunner measured up at 33-25-35 and her doe eyes and playful personality meant she was an ideal fit for the racy flicks, having also been crowned Miss Teenage Italy in the contest of 1974. Nice nude body, Gloria!

Laura Antonelli Nude (Italy)

Laura appeared in no less than 45 movies during her career as the Queen of Italian sex comedies. Best known for Malizia (Malicious), a reknowned sex caper, the brunette celebrity babe has reportedly said it was a lot of fun going naked so much, and expressed her love of feeling free while nude on set even though the rest of the cast and crew were mostly clothed, so something of an exhibitionist it would seem! She also posed totally nude for photoshoots, and was at ease with being the sexual object of so many admiring and lustful men…

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