Celebrity Nudist Amanda Holden Naked Pictures

Self-proclaimed nudist Amanda Holden in her naked pictures as well as eye-popping daring outfits that caused a bunch of Brits to complain about how much flesh she was flashing on primetime TV. Sit back and relax as we enjoy this catalogue of the UK celebrity showing off her flawless figure both in and out of the risque clothes she loves to wear.

Ok so lets take a walkthrough of the shots in the video above…

The 50+ year old stunner gives women half her age a run for their money when it comes to flaunting her body, and when Amanda isn’t nude she isn’t far off it! Loving to go au naturel on the beach, Holden has confessed to getting plenty of eyefuls of nude men while soaking up the rays in one of her favorite destinations, Corfu. You can check out the paparazzi shots of her topless in the video slideshow as she tans her small but perky tits.

Her nipples have found their own kind of fame too, with Amanda seemingly more than happy to tease by often going braless, her erect nips proudly on show for anyone who is passing to appreciate. Let’s have a quick fact check on the blonde celeb – she also has some pretty perfect legs she loves to show off as well!

  • Amanda Holden was born on February 16th 1971 in Portsmouth, UK.
  • An actress and singer, Amanda is more known for being a celebrity personality.
  • Holden is a judge on the UK show Britain’s Got Talent, as well as presenting a national breakfast radio show.
  • Amanda says she hates wearing clothes, and is basically a full blown nudist whenever she gets the opportunity.

Nude On Vacation

As mentioned, Mandy loves to strip naked whenever she can. Especially while on vacation (or on holiday, as Holden and her fellow Brits call it). Check out Amanda’s nude boobs on show as she gets herself an all over tan.

With small but firm breasts keeping in line with Amanda’s petite frame she looks delicious topping up her tan.

Not forgetting those snaps of the blonde celebrity babe in another bout of outdoor nudity. To quote the woman herself when asked about her experience on a nudist beach “I saw tons of willies (UK slang for dicks) in Corfu!” (source).

Not sure about those hair rollers, maybe they’re handles to use while she is giving a blowjob.

Naked Photoshoots

Proving she doesn’t mind disrobing and parading around naked, Amanda has done numerous nude photoshoots. Albeit they are ‘tasteful’ rather than full on nudity, we nevertheless get to gawp at Ms Holden’s impeccable curves, as you can observe.

Included is an exceptionally sexy pic of Amanda’s nude ass intentionally but ‘accidentally’ exposed. Man that is an AWESOME photograph, props to the person who set that up. And to the fun loving girl herself of course, that’s one to look back on in older years. There’s also another shot of her buns from when she was in her twenties.

Known for being a pretty broadminded celeb, Amanda has gone on record saying she’d pose fully nude if the right offer came along from Playboy or similar publications (source). Clearly not of the shy variety, Holden has bared her boobs before in completely see through clothing.

Amanda’s Blowjob Technique

Proving she’s a game girl indeed, Amanda treated us to how she wraps her mouth around a cock under the guise of test tasting a pickle during her radio show. After remarking how “I’m used to bigger” just to make her co-host feel like shit, Amanda gets to grips with putting her luscious lips to use like she has surely been in the same situation many a time before.

Looks like Amanda can handle a nice big mouthful with ease, you can tell the woman has had some practice.

for over 18 years only

Nip Slips & Pokies

Amanda’s nipples might not be seen in all their naked glory too often (considering the lady is a confessed nudist) by us, but the girl is a certified jackpot of pokies. Throw in some nipple slips as she crusades as superhero Miss Braless, and that gives us ample chances to appreciate her peanut smuggling skills. Highlight has to be during a live television airing where her right boob all but fell completely out of her braless dress.

Always the sunglasses, never the bra. We’d like to beam that dazzling smile right back at ya Amanda, especially when you cheer us up by displaying your nipples so prominently for us! On a par with Millie Bobby Brown’s braless nipples on display, Ms Holden plays weathergirl by letting us know when there’s a breeze outside. Amanda shades the contest as she just adores going braless in public.

By the way, those free the nipple outings, alongside the brazen tit slip video posted to Amanda’s instagram – they are all while she is aged 45 or over. She’s an unbelievable 51 years old in the last shot in the video of her ‘wardrobe malfunction’!

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