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Amanda Donohoe Nude Videos [Castaway, 1986]

Amanda spends a hefty amount of time nude in 1986 offering Castaway, in which she starred alongside berserk drinking fiend Oliver Reed. Based on a real life story, it sees a London man ask for a female companion to live on a tropical island for fuck knows how long (ok it was one year).

Mandy supplies plenty of on screen nudity, and none of that merkin bullshit. The game girl goes au naturel for real as she cavorts around without a stitch on, giving us ample looks at her naked physique – which is pretty damn good. It was the first time we saw a nude Amanda Donohoe and she didn’t disappoint!

  • Castaway was released in 1986 (source: Imdb).
  • Directed by Nicolas Roeg, the movie is based on the biography of Lucy Irvine, detailing her experience of living on a tropical island for 12 months with a man she met through a newspaper advert.
  • Amanda was aged 24 in the film that saw her naked debut. She went on to strip off for more roles in her career.
  • Donohoe was born and brought up in London, UK, though often travelling overseas due to her father’s job.

Pictures (6 Pics)

A lovely array of tits, ass, and pussy from Amanda as she enjoys getting paid to strut around with little to no clothing on for large portions of the movie. With fabulous tits and an ass with some grab meat, she acted with no inhibitions considering the inordinate time she spent as a nudist on set.

for over 18 years only

Videos (6 Clips)

Check out the videos of Amanda’s pussy and tits getting an airing:

amanda donohoe stripping out of bikini


amanda donohoe walking around naked

Good ole boy Ollie checking out Amanda’s bare ass there, what a guy! How about a spot of topless fishing? Our fearless heroine gets over excited when she hooks into a shark and jiggles her tits appropriately for such an amped up situation. The end result isn’t what she hoped for, but as we get to feast our eyes on Amanda’s bouncy boobs it sure is one for us.

amanda donohoe topless fishing

After all that expended energy what better way to wind down than with some naked swimming in a tropical ocean. Donohoe exhibits her tits and bush for us, with a quick peek at her derriere for good measure.

amanda donohoe tits and pussy naked swimming

for over 18 years only

If you’ve gone starkers for some of the movie, you may as well show your wares some more. At least that’s what seems to be the idea. Here the British cutie takes off her shirt in a huff, exposing her tits and pussy, and we go old school gratuitous nudity for a minute’s worth of jerk off material.

amanda donohoe naked full frontal

Last but not least in this movie section we have this naked compilation video clip. There are a ton more scenes where Amanda parades around without a care, or a stitch of clothing. You can see the rest, and a fuckton of other naked celebrity videos at our sister site C-Zoom (most definitely Not Safe For Work!).

amanda donohoe nude compilation video

There we have it, a veritable banquet of Amanda Donohoe nude in Castaway. What a wank fest from an actress truly comfortable with nudity. Hats off and cocks out as we give Amanda a blue veined salute for her service!

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