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Ursula Andress Nude Pictures & Videos

Roll up for a bumper collection of Swiss OG sex symbol Ursula Andress in the nude videos and pictures showcasing her superb body in all its unclothed glory! You might need to be of a certain age to remember her from the first time around, but oh boy is this woman worth checking out.

Back in the day when nudity on screen was a fairly new thing, Ursula showed how willing she was to strip off on multiple occasions, almost single handedly pushing the Swedish nymphomaniac trope. Appearing in many a nude full frontal movie scene as well as posing entirely naked for Playboy, Ursula is the creator of literally millions of erections and ejaculations.

How’s that for adding a little quirky achievement at the bottom of your resume!

Here’s blonde bombshell Ursula Andress giving us a good look at her amazing tits while she changes her shirt to wet our appetites. She goes full on nude, golden bush and all in the videos below, but we couldn’t wait that long to give you a taste of just how good her boobs are!

ursula andress showing boobs while changing clothes

Not a bad start to the celebration of nudity from Ursula we are about to witness, the woman exudes sex from every pore of her outstanding nakedness!

  • Ursula was actually born in Switzerland, despite the popular misconception that she is Swedish.
  • Andress lived in Rome and jobbed as a nude art model, which led to her appearing in Italian sex comedies.
  • Playing Honey Ryder in 1962 Bond film Dr No catapulted Ursula to international stardom, thanks to her iconic bikini scene.
  • Andress has stated in many interviews she is comfortable with nudity. Which is to state the obvious considering her many naked outings over the years!

Ursula Andress Naked Pictures

We’d be here forever and a day if we listed the entire unclothed back catalogue, so feast your eyes on these top picks as we move onto the nudey video clips! From wet and naked outdoors to au naturel in front of a fire, Ms Andress looks good enough to eat (out) in each photo!

One answer to the often asked question put to her by interviewers over the years of “Why so much nudity?” Ursula gave was simply “Because I’m beautiful”. She isn’t wrong, as countless boners from admiring guys throughout the decades will attest to.

Ursula Andress Nude Videos

Have fun with these video clips of Ursula Andress displaying her naked tits, ass, and pussy, and why the nickname Ursula Undress isn’t just a play on words. This sex kitten had full nudity clauses written INTO her contracts by the look of all this evidence!

for over 18 years only

In no particular order, check out Ursula’s best on screen nude activities in the following videos.

Full Frontal Pussy in The Fifth Musketeer

ursula andress naked scenes in the fifth musketeer
Ursula Andress naked scenes in The Fifth Musketeer (1979)

Andress shared the naked scenes with Sylvia Kristel (who gained notoriety as Emmanuelle for the amount of nudity she took part in). Here we take a look at Ursula’s titties as well as her bold for the time pussy flashing, which is less of a flash and more of an exhibitionist display. Good on Ursula for not being afraid to whip out her bush time and again!

Full Frontal Nude Nurse

The Sensuous Nurse came out in 1975 and was another chance for Andress to show us her charms. Full frontal nudity was almost guaranteed by now from the sex bomb, and she didn’t disappoint us. Plenty of boobage and ass joined in, and we get a great look at Ursula’s naked butt in the first clip, as well as yet more instances of her pussy in full view.

Tits And Ass Display From Ursula In The Sensuous Nurse
Tits And Ass Display In The Sensuous Nurse

Ursula went in for some full frontal skinny dipping in this naked scene from the movie. We even got a very sneaky look at her pussy lips as she did some swimming move as well. It’s gone in an instant but thanks to the digital age we can get a damn fine look at Ursula’s vulva. Three cheers for modern freeze frame!

Ursula Andress Pussy Lips
Ursula Andress Pussy Lips

And here’s the video of the scene it came from. God she looks so good with water dripping off her unclothed body!

Ursula Andress pussy lips caught on camera
Ursula Andress pussy lips caught on camera

That might seem pretty tame compared to what the celebs show off these days, after seeing the bald shaved pussy lips in glorious detail of such celebrities as Rosario Dawson’s silky smooth vagina lips, Kim Kardashian and her oiled shaved vagina on show, and Britney Spears publicly flashing her bare pussy. But for a star of Ursula’s caliber to even go full frontal, let alone give a glimpse of her vulva, is quite the exception for its time. Fit as fuck AND a trailblazer, what a Goddess!

Speaking of showing it ALL, your eyes will pop out almost as far as your cock when you take a peek at the other naughty celebrities who brazenly go nude, and even leak their own sex tapes – be warned, the following banner is for those who don’t mind seeing their favorite Hollywood stars in all their natural glory!

The fun in this movie isn’t over yet though, as the sensuous nurse throws down her cougar moves to seduce and fuck a younger guy. Why he’s so terrified as Ursula lifts her lingerie to expose her chest puppies and celebrity milf pussy is anyone’s guess. At least he rises to the occasion and fucks Ursula, and manages to get himself a nice handful at the end where he gropes Ms Andress’s titty. Lucky fucker.

Ursula Andress pussy lips caught on camera
Ursula Andress fucking younger guy

Naked Rubdown From Topless Women

1978 flick Slave Of The Cannibal God (also called Mountain Of The Cannibal Gods) saw Ursula getting a very sexy nude rubdown from a couple of topless women. Smearing her in mud after first tying her to a pole, we see Ursula’s perfect nude body from head to toe as she performs the scene without a stitch of clothing. Her golden bush is on display, and the women seem to be enjoying fondling Ursula’s titties. Who wouldn’t!

Ursula Andress fully nude smeared in mud
Ursula Andress completely undressed smeared in mud

Andress was 42 in this movie, what a fit as fuck celebrity milf body she has on her. She puts her obviously much younger co-stars to shame in the awesome tits department!

Full Frontal Flash In Elevator

Brazen full frontal flashing by our star of the show here, giving an older couple a nice eyeful. The guy seems to be enjoying what he’s looking at – and who can blame him! This and the next nude video clips of Ursula are from ‘Loaded Gun’, in which the Hollywood darling goes full on exhibitionist mode. Attagirl!

Ursula Andress Naked Tits and Pussy
Ursula Andress Naked Tits and Pussy

More tits, ass, and pussy from the Swiss sexpot as she strides out of bed making sure to bend down and give us another display of her nude derriere. There’s no denying this woman is a giver.

Ursula Andress full frontal nude showing boobs and bush
Ursula Andress full frontal nude showing boobs and bush

So this is how lapdances started… Ursula blindsides a baddie by performing a naked dance for him before knocking him out. At least he slipped under with an erection.

Ursula Andress Naked Full Frontal with ass boobs and pussy on show
Ursula Andress Naked Full Frontal with ass boobs and pussy on show

One more from us as Andress strips off again, and ends the scene by covering up but making sure we see her stiff erect nipples as her pokies try and bust out of her shirt.

Ursula Andress showing bare ass and boobs video clip
Ursula Andress showing bare ass and boobs video clip

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