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Lena Headey Nude Videos And Pictures

Lena Headey nude isn’t a new thing – the actress has disrobed many times, and here we take a look at those naked moments. As usual, we start with the sexy, and end with the fully nude – which in this case are the Lena Headey full frontal pussy shots… read on to find out an interesting fact about THOSE scenes!

  • As one of Game Of Thrones highest paid stars, Lena earned a reported $1.2m per episode by the end of the series.
  • Headey has won 5 TV and movie awards including a coveted Empire Hero, and been nominated for an impressive 32 more (as of November 2023).
  • Born in Bermuda on 8th October 1973, Lena Kathren Headey is a British citizen.
  • Lena’s most famous role is as The Queen Regent, Cersei Lannister, in smash hit series Game Of Thrones.

Lena Headey Full Frontal video from Game of Thrones

Let’s get this out of the way. Lena’s infamous walk of shame (officially called The Walk Of Atonement) in GoT sees the actress paraded through a town while starkers. Tits, ass, pussy on show, all while a baying crowd jeer and throw rotten food at her. It’s a pretty brazen piece of outright nudity, take a look at the video clip and screenshots here.

lena headey nude full frontal video

A reported 500 extras were used for the sequence, and all angles of nakedness were filmed and shown. All the Lena Headey nude pictures here and throughout this page can be enlarged to full size by clicking on them.

Pretty fucking delicious, right. Except they used a body double. Wtf. Lena ‘I go nude all the time’ used a stand in for one of film’s greatest naked scenes ever. Sheesh. Luckily for us we have plenty of the genuine article to drool over, but no, that scene isn’t Lena. Citing some ‘the craft’ spiel about needing to feel in the moment yadda yadda, Headey says it worked better having her facial expressions SFX’d with the actual nude person. Maybe, but what a let down. Still, we have plenty of the lovely lady in other nudity filled roles, so we’ll have at it with those now we’ve got the elephant in the room dealt with!

Lena Headey Nude Tits in The Parole Officer

lena headey nude tits in parole officer

Starring alongside fellow Brit Steve Coogan, Lena gives us a great view of her nude body, the real thing this time. That we can see her erect nipples so prominently is a bonus, boobs always look so much better when the nips are hard! Related: Lena’s co-star Emilia Clarke in GoT is also actually a Brit. You can see a whole bunch of HER nude videos and pictures here.

Lena’s posh British accent is enough to tip you over the edge when coupled with her chest puppies staring you in the face.

Topless Sex Scene from Waterland

Way back in 1992 Lena got her tits out for Waterland, a boring film about life during WWII. Headey plays the part of some woman the main guy used to fuck, and this sex scene is pretty tame but we see Lena’s 19 year old titties looking exactly how a babe of that age’s tits should look. Firm and juicy.

lena headey topless waterland

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Full Frontal Tits and Pussy Video (Fair Game)

A couple of years later Lena went the whole hog and stripped for full frontal nudity in 1994 TV movie ‘Fair Game‘. The tits and pussy you see in this video clip are the real deal, as 21 year old Headey disrobed alongside her co-star who flashed his junk all over the place. Surprised he wasn’t hard with a completely nude Lena next to him!

lena headey full frontal tits and pussy video
Lena Headey full frontal tits and pussy video

Also… what the hell with the 70s porno music in the nude swimming sequence? I was waiting for Lena to suddenly start giving the dude a blowjob lmao! No matter, Lena looks great with her boobs and hairy pussy on show, and Mother Nature sure did bless her with a fine body.

Naked in Shower And Showing Tits

This video clip comes from 2000 flick Aberdeen. Here we see a kind of montage with Lena on the telephone while she takes a shower and parades around with only a towel to cover her lower half, showing off her wet tits. Similar to her naked outing above in The Parole Officer.

lena headey nude shower showing off tits

Once again we get a good long look at Lena’s nice long nipples in their erect state. You could spend hours nibbling those things. They aren’t as large as the truly insane nipples on Bai Ling, but they’d make for a tasty snack nonetheless.

Nude as Gypsy Rose Lee in 9 Bullets

About time a movie was named for Lena’s impressive nipples, and probably her best big screen venture it is too. You can read about the film here on Wikipedia, but the main feature is Headey performs a very decent striptease, and also has a naked sex scene.

lena headey nude in 9 bullets

Some stellar breasts and pussy peeks from the brunette actress, it’s a shame we don’t get to see more of her ass to round it off. Beggars can’t be choosers though, and we’re grateful to Lena for every one of her au naturel displays!

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