Bai Ling Nude, Nip Slips [Huge Nipples!]

You might need some eye protectors for this celebrity, because Bai Ling nude means huge nipples like you’ve never seen on a celeb before. We aren’t kidding either, it’s no wonder she suffers so many nip slips, those things are fucking ginormous!

The Asian actress was born in China, and who knows what was in the water over there because you could hang your coat, hat, AND scarf on Bai’s chest berries. Let’s dive in after the jump for a closer inspection at her many instances of nudity.

  • Ling was born in Chendu, in China, on October 10th 1966 in the Chinese Year of the Horse.
  • Bai has an estimated net worth of $3m US Dollars, which surprised us after the many films & TV shows she has appeared in.
  • 1994 movie ‘The Crow’ is perhaps the biggest flick Bai has appeared in (grossing $93m at the box office, and in the top 25 films of 1994).
  • Bai has appeared nude in a whopping 17 of the movies she has been in!

In all honesty, the movies Ms Ling appears in aren’t that great. However, her nudity scenes are usually pretty damn good. There are too many to feature here, but the banner below will let you see all of them (and a whole load more celebrities otherwise!).

Bai Ling Nude

Hoo boy, where to start. Ok, her first nude outing on camera was in The Crow (1994), where she showed us her 28 year old nude ass in the shower. Displaying some tight buns, Bai looks pretty good when soaking wet.

bai ling nude ass the crow

bai ling nude ass cheeks the crow

Directors must have liked the sight of that toned butt of Bai’s, as she followed it up with another peach flashing role in The Breed (2001). Ass lovers swooned as Ling shook off a red cloak as she made her way up a bunch of stairs in the buff. Well, she had a pair of heels on, but nothing else to hide her sashaying derriere.

Fast forward to 2005 and the release of Edmond. This sees Bai cast as a peep show girl, parading her tits for a paying customer.

bai ling topless edmond

Bai also gives a cheeky legs open spreadeagle shot – a shame she still had her panties on!

bai ling topless legs open edmond

By now Ling was hitting her stride, and in 2007 came ‘Shanghai Baby’ in which the then 41 year old once again stripped naked. Looking amazing for her age, her huge nipples had kept their size! Maybe the secret is to enjoy a good sex life, as it always looks like her puppy noses have just been sucked on for the last half hour.

Bai’s nipples look like a couple of volcanos on top of mountains in that last picture.

Bai hadn’t finished going nude and topless yet. When you have nipples that are longer than her countrymen’s dicks, you seemingly can’t get enough of flashing your tits to the world. Well known as a woman who would willingly take off her clothes for a fee, Bai next paraded her nude tits in The Gene Generation in the same year of 2007. Feast your eyes on Bai’s lovely rubberies from the part.

bai ling nude huge nipples gene generation

Talk about having plenty to aim at when you jerk off over her titties.

2010 and the arrival of Love Ranch saw us get a look at Bai Ling’s pussy for the first time, as she laid on a bed with her bush exposed. Nowhere near as detailed and clear as the infamous Rosario Dawson nude pussy lips outing, but still. Nice of Ling to go fully nude with her pussy exposed nonetheless.

bai ling pussy love ranch

for over 18 years only

There’s a terrific Bai Ling sex scene in Bangkok Bound (also released as Knockdown) as she rides a guys dick with her breasts on show throughout. Check out what it’d be like to have sex with Bai Ling squirming on your cock:

You can almost feel Bai Ling’s pussy tightening around your shaft as you slide in and out of her.

Bai Ling Nip Slips

If there’s one thing our girl loves, it’s popping her chest torpedoes out of whatever she happens to be wearing. There are accidental oops nip slips, and then there are Bai Ling nipple slips. She couldn’t be more blatant about the fact she wants you to see her boobs if she wore a flashing neon sign saying ‘LOOK AT MY BOOBS’. And we love her all the more for it. Enjoy this small selection of nipslips from the queen of them herself.

bai ling nipple slips bai ling nipple slips bai ling nipple slips bai ling nipple slips
bai ling nipple slips bai ling nipple slips bai ling nipple slips bai ling nipple slips
bai ling nipple slips bai ling nipple slips

The rest of Bai’s nudes in video and pictures format are too lengthy to post here. Don’t fret, as you can see all of them at our sister site:

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