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Italian Celebs Nude Compilation

Grab a ‘pizza’ these lovely Italian celebs nude! Awful pun, but kinda obligatory, our apologies 😂 Anyway, we’ll make up for that by taking a look at celebrity nudity of the Italian kind. It’s not like anyone actually reads the words on here anyway.

Nevertheless words there shall be on the off chance, so tap on any of the naked celebrities for the full size picture. They are in no particular order but are for over 18s only. So if you are younger than that: fuck off! Everyone else: Enjoy the bevy of beauties showing their tits, ass, and pussy for us.

Kind-hearted souls that they are.

Lorraine Bracco Nude

Most will know Lorraine Bracco from Goodfellas, and/or The Sopranos. Lorraine has done a few nude scenes over the years. This shot of her with her big milf tits out is from The Sopranos (she played Tony’s shrink). Lorraine’s tits are a lot bigger and fuller than her early nudity. So she’s probably had a boob job – though of course could just be where she has filled out overall.

lorraine bracco nude

Brooklyn born & bred, Lorraine’s father was Italian. You can view Lorraine’s numerous nude scenes at C-Zoom.

Ariana Grande Nude

Another self-described Italian American, Ariana is proud of her heritage. And of her ass, which she loves to show off in trademark mini-skirts. Here’s Ariana without those annoying skirts in the way. That’s one hell of a sexy nude body 😜 Natural brunette Ariana flaunts her legs every time she is on stage. When you have perfect pins, why not!

ariana grande nude

With Sicilian and Abruzzese blood, Ariana has the smouldering looks all Italian women have. Well, the smoulderingly good looking ones, anyway.

Alexandra Daddario Nude

Oh.. Alex baby! Big tits ahoy as we get to the wonderfully ample chested Alexandra Daddario. Arguably her big break was stripping naked and showing her pussy in season 1 of True Detective, alongside Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey. Luckily both those guys kept their clothes on. Alexandra engaged in full nudity though, and was soon on the tip of everyone’s cock lips. Here’s a sample collage of the most famous scene she has ever done.

alexandra daddario nude collage

A good actress as well as a walking sex symbol, Alex has no problems getting naked. See all of her nude scenes and pics at our sister site C-Zoom.

Kaley Cuoco Nude

The girl every red-blooded guy wants to live next door to thanks to her looks, good humour, and all round niceness. Kaley is our kind of woman. Self-depracating at times, unafraid to poke fun at herself, just as comfy in a tracksuit or a killer dress and heels. Definite wife wife material. So, so cool when her nudes were leaked, and took it in her stride with a ‘what are you gonna do’. Here at CelebMeat we have a LOT of love for this beautiful and talented actress.

kaley cuoco cleavage

We won’t post her nudes here, but they are available in their entirety at C-Zoom. And let us tell you: she has a cracking body, and awesome set of tits!

Gina Carano Nude

Former MMA fighter Gina has been in and out of the headlines in recent years. Part Italian Gina rose to fame in the octagon, ended up starring in The Mandalorian, and was promptly sacked for comments made on her social media. Gina also appeared in Fast And Furious 6. Carano was voted Hottest Woman in America in 2008 by Big Biz magazine. An unusual mix of feistiness, fighting skills, and keeping her femininity and sex appeal meant Gina was hot property until the media fell out of love with her.

gina carano nude

Gina is 40 years old as of this post, so has officially entered celebrity milf territory!

Monica Bellucci Nude

Seeing Monica Bellucci nude is a highlight of anyone’s day. This stunning woman was born in Città di Castello (which means Castle Town), Umbria – one of only a few landlocked regions in Italy. Monica’s career as a model and actress has spanned decades. Well known for being akin to getting her clothes off, Monica has plenty of nude shoots and scenes under her belt. Monica’s bra size, and of course we mean the size of her tits, are 34C. With her relaxed European attitude to nudity, Bellucci is up there in the celebrity nudes Hall of Fame, let alone the Italian one.

monica bellucci nude

Check out Monica’s MANY nudes at C-Zoom.

Marisa Tomei Nude

Hey hey it’s none other than Spiderman’s aunt, Marisa Tomei. Another Italian celebrity milf, Marisa is 57 and looks 2 decades younger. And we aren’t kidding – check out this pic from 2021 of Marisa flashing the thigh at a Spiderman premiere:

marisa tomei thigh flash

Fifty Fucking Seven… God DAMN!

Marisa doesn’t mind going nude for movie roles, here we see her luscious tits from 2007, when she was a mere youngster at 40 years of age.

marisa tomei nude

Nice standing nipples you have there Marisa 😛

for over 18 years only

Sophia Loren Nude

A very rare outing for Sophia Loren’s tits. This is from a movie way back in the fifties called Era lui… sì! sì!, which translates as It’s him… Yes! Yes!
The topless scenes were only included in the French release. Likewise the nude publicity shots Sophia had to take part in. Citing her then status as a new, poor and hungry actress, Sophia duly obliged. And good for her, what a travesty it would have been to have never shared her breasts with the world.

sophia loren nude

Sophia made a few other nude appearances before hitting the big time, you can see them all at C-Zoom

Christina Ricci Nude

So Christina Ricci says the Italian has been bred out of her, even though her father is half Italian. Not sure that celebrities are always the brightest bulb in the box. That aside, this iconic actress is the kind of strong, fierce woman we love at CelebMeat. Never afraid to stand up and do what she thinks right, Christina has zero problems getting naked for the camera. She might not have your typical ‘sexy’ big tits (and yeah who doesn’t love big titties!), but Ms Ricci oozes sex appeal anyway. Attitude goes a loooong way in the sexiness stakes.

christina ricci nude

This full frontal nude from Christina is proof that even small breasted girls can exude sex – it’s all about the inner self and how you present it!

for over 18 years only

Alyssa Milano Nude

Italian American Alyssa Milano is the last but not least nude celebrity to make this page. Your standard nutcase famous person, Alyssa has shouted at the clouds for years, dividing fans in her wake. What they all agree on though is that she is hot when nude. Well, hot even when she isn’t as well, actually. She doesn’t mind flashing her boobs for the camera as you can see below.

alyssa milano nude

Alyssa posed nude when 20 years old, and showed us her pussy. Here it is:

alyssa milano nude pussy

Bravo, Alyssa!

for over 18 years only

We hope you enjoyed these Italian celebrities nude, because we certainly enjoyed putting the page together for you. See you at the next naked celebs entry!

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