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Chelsea Handler Nude Videos & Pictures

Chelsea Handler LOVES being naked and gets her tits out at pretty much every opportunity going. Here we take a look at her finest work! Check out the Chelsea Handler nude photos and videos below, where we get to appreciate those full weighty milf tits of hers.

  • Chelsea Handler is a comedienne from New Jersey in the US.
  • Chelsea also acts, writes, and hosts television shows, as well as producing them.
  • A strong FreeTheNipple advocate, Chelsea is often topless in public. Handler also pushes boundaries by posting nudes on her social media accounts
  • Chelsea infamously leaked a ‘home sex tape’ which turned out to be a spoof, mocking celebs who have celebrity sex tapes in general.

There’s also a bonus video of Chelsea showing her tits in public on a busy street – no denying the woman has huge figurative balls! This video compilation highlights just a few of the Chelsea Handler nude moments over the years. That should wet your whistle as we settle in for the tons of naked examples of Chelsea we have to get through. And we don’t even scratch the surface of her unclothed escapades!

Cracking set of celebrity milf boobs on Chelsea, or what 🥳

Right, let’s get started with this bumper collection of the funny lady minus her clothes, mixed in with a dash of Playboy-style ‘article content’ facts and trivia about the sexy comedienne that revels in going nude. As always, tap any of the naked pictures to see them in full size & enlarge. We’ve broken the sections down by level of nudity, so scroll more for less clothes, or just hit the quick jump link.

Chelsea Handler’s Ass

chelsea handler nude 020

For a mature / milf celeb, Chelsea has a pretty damn fine ass. It doesn’t get as much exposure as her boobs, but Chelsea delivers her butt cheeks to us now and again. Regardless of her politics we’ll take all opportunities to appreciate that ass and imagine what it must feel like to give it a playful smack or several.

Here she is having a lighthearted swipe at fellow nude exhibitionist Kim Kardashian. Chelsea recreates (kind of, anyway) Kim’s famous pose and uses it as an excuse to show us all her butt. This time Ms Handler pulls her panties down to expose her nude ass crack for us.

Make no mistake with these couple of ass shots that Chelsea knows exactly what she’s doing. Flashing her bare ass cheeks in one, and making sure her swimsuit rides up between her derriere in the other. Attagirl.

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Chelsea Handler Showing Her Tits

As mentioned, Chelsea just adores flashing her tits whenever she gets the chance. Handler clearly gets off on it even if only mildly. It’s probably more a shock & power thing than a sexual one, but likely some overlap also. Regardless, it means we get to see a great pair of celebrity milf tits. Chelsea also has a thing for teasing us with her boobs it seems, so here’s a bunch of examples where technically she isn’t showing anything, but really she is. Innocent flashing, we like to call this particular phenomenon (so loved by celebs at awards, premieres, and other red carpet events also!).

In addition to her sly but saucy titty exploits, Chelsea often whips out her boobs when spotted by fans who ask for photos with the funnygirl. So if you ever see Chelsea on your travels, ask for a picture with her and she’ll more than likely flash her breasts into the bargain. Now that’s what you call being fan friendly!

chelsea handler nude flashing tits at mardi gras
Chelsea Handler nude flashing tits at mardi gras

Even more of Chelsea Handler’s tits here as we look at the random times she’s decided we need to see her big milf boobs. Including the time her stand up routine was in Chelsea’s view best served with a huge projected picture of her breast popping out of a toga. That’s showbiz, or something.

chelsea handler nude breast on stage

Ever the fun loving nudist, Chelsea goes topless at the merest hint of a camera. Check out comedy’s serial flasher (and we thought Louis CK had that title!) as she: Shoves her breast into a friends face while wrestling her. Lies on the floor after a party with her bare chest on display. Poses with a gift and decides that isn’t enough of a memory. And goes in for some free the nipple activity while performing a skit on her TV show.

chelsea handler nude tits on beach
Chelsea Handler nude tits on beach

From mundane to physical activities, Chelsea prefers to do them nude. Horseriding (which was a famous jab at Putin), hiking in the snow, or just surveying the city from a balcony. All of these are apparently more fun for Chelsea if she adds a little nudity to the occasion. They sure make them more fun for us watching!

The last picture of Chelsea topless is actually from her visit to Twitter headquarters. Backstory is basically that instagram deleted all Chelsea’s photos showing her breasts. Twitter had no such issues, so Handler went to flash them – sorry that’s THANK them – in person. Check out the video of Chelsea strolling through San Francisco before entering Twitter’s headquarters in the section below.

Chelsea Handler Nude Videos

chelsea handler nude in public video
Chelsea Handler nude in public video

The CEO wouldn’t come out on the balcony for the interview if Chelsea was topless, so she had to don a sweater. What a pussy! Chelsea also stated later that it wasn’t a comfortable experience walking the street nude in public. However, her Free The Nipple mindset meant she did it anyway. That’s pretty brave to be honest, and huge kudos to Chelsea for having the courage to so. It’s legal in SF, but obviously still very rare for obvious reasons of safety.

chelsea handler nude water skiing
Chelsea Handler naked water skiing

Back in 2015 Chelsea took to the lake for a spot of nude waterskiing. Not too shabby in it’s own right, but wait! Her partner decided to introduce a little watersports of the golden shower variety, as he takes a piss on Chelsea for a joke. Handler took it as such (they often prank each other as the further videos show) but damn, take a look at this Chelsea Handler pissing video 😱😂

chelsea handler pissing video

For her birthday Chelsea posted a video of herself again nude in public as she skis topless while other participants are on the slope. You can see the onlookers when she reaches the bottom. Amazingly they seem unfazed there’s a naked woman next to them.

Here’s the video Chelsea uploaded to her instagram page which has the funnywoman skiing with her big milf tits out as she navigates the slope. She’s actually a pretty damn good skier!

chelsea handler naked ski slope
Chelsea Handler naked skiing

The keen eyed amongst you will also note her hot ass as she swivels it from side to side for us. What a gal!

Chelsea’s Wet Tits In The Shower

Chelsea goes in for a nude massage and shower in this segment from one of her shows. Her big milf tits look great under the water, there’s something about wet tits that every guy appreciates. Very fashion conscious of the busty celeb to wear a hat too, so as not to be underdressed or un-accessorized.

Chelsea Handler Leaked Sex Tape

Ok so this pic is taken from the Chelsea Handler sex tape – you can view that in full here and yes it’s real but with a caveat: this was a spoof Chelsea Handler sextape that she ‘leaked’ herself, the sneaky minx! There is obviously more than one of her home pornos laying around though, and it wouldn’t be out of character for Chelsea to just say fuck it, and drop them on the internet herself one day. Let’s hope she does!

chelsea handler nude sex tape

And just to remember that no matter the event, Chelsea is a comedienne at heart!

chelsea handler nude 028

You can check out her comedy and previous TV, movie appearances in the following official links.

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