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Classic beauty Ana is never afraid to strip off her clothes for a nude scene or several. With many sex scenes under her belt Ana’s nude appearances are aplenty. Here we celebrate her naked appearances alongside sexy publicity photoshoots together with her on-screen displays of tits and ass!

With perfect breasts and cute face Ms De Armas is understandably jerk off material to millions of men and women around the world. Happy to show off her bare ass as well, this talented actress also has seemingly permanently erect nipples. You could spend hours licking and sucking on those springy chest buttons!

Hailing from Cuba, the latina milf celebrity sports a cracking pair of 34C titties. Those boobs are packaged with an amazing figure, smouldering good looks, and a naughty glint in her eye. Ana drips sexiness from every inch of her tanned skin, and we all know it. Such is her sex appeal she achieved the accolade of being a Bond Girl. That’s quite the exclusive club, and one Ms. De Armas fully deserves to be a member of.


Ana De Armas Nude and Sexy

This image of Ana topless with soap suds on her boobs is from the movie Knock Knock. Ana was 27 in the role and disrobed opposite Keanu Reeves as her co-star. This was one of her earliest naked roles and gave a tasty insight in the many nudity filled films she has done since. In fact Ana looks so good with her tits out that we also have a comparison picture of her clothed versus unclothed.

ana de armas nude

ana de armas nude tits

Maybe it’s just a coincidence, but Armas also went nude for a sex scene in a shower in the flick ‘Sex, Party, and Lies’ showing off her great tits as she gets fucked against the wall.

ana de armas nude shower sex

If only we could all walk in on Ana De Armas while she was butt naked in the shower every morning looking like that. Or around the house showing off her stiff nipples and distracting us from doing all those DIY jobs we’d gladly do for this goddess of a woman!

Check out the naked Ana below this short list of facts about De Armas featuring her various appearances where she stripped down to nothing for even more of this dazzler displaying her bare body!

  • Ana is a Taurus, having been born on 30th of April, in 1988. Her birthplace is Santa Cruz del Norte, Cuba which is in the north, near to Havana.
  • Get ready for a mouthful because her full name is: Ana Celia de Armas Caso.
  • Her film debut was in 2006 (Una rosa de Francia), but her breakout role where Ana gained international recognition was in the critically acclaimed film “Blade Runner 2049” (2017), in which she played the role of Joi.
  • Ana speaks fluent Spanish, English, and French, and in 2019 was named as one of Time magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world. Not bad!
  • Ana is officially a divorcee. Her previous marriage lasted 2 years.


Ana De Armas Nude Scenes From Blonde Timeline

All Ana De Armas nude and sex scenes in new Netflix movie Blonde (based on the life of Marilyn Monroe). Ana reveals her tits throughout – here’s each instance, in chronological order! And this isn’t the first time we’ll mention it in this article, but holy moly Ana has some big nipples on her, adding a touch of amazement to her nude and sex appearances throughout. What a girl!

Watch the below video clip of ALL Ana’s nude scenes in full at our sister site Celeb Zoom

Upskirt Panties
We don’t need to wait long for our first look at Ana’s ass. This upskirt showing Ana wearing panties and flashing her buns, albeit 1950’s style, is the first on-screen shot of anything sexual. Sexy legs and a hell of a barbie gap Ana has! We only get a short glimpse here, this scene is a snippet from the longer version later in the movie.

ana de armas blonde nude scenes timeline 001

Nude Calendar Shoot
Much longer waiting time for the first look at Ana De Armas nude in Blonde. A small tease where we get a peek at her boobs as ‘Marilyn’ does a naked calendar shoot. Unfortunately we don’t get to see Ana’s pussy, but this is a recreation after all. Booo!

ana de armas blonde nude scenes timeline 002

We next see Ana De Armas nude at just under 40 minutes in the timeline. She has a threesome with male co-stars. No idea who they are, and can’t be bothered to look them up. Lots of titty, kissing, writhing, and Ana being fucked over the end of the bed. Screengrabs here:

ana de armas blonde nude scenes timeline 003

ana de armas blonde nude scenes timeline 004

ana de armas blonde nude scenes timeline 005

ana de armas blonde nude scenes timeline 006

Pretty long in length, this is a great sex scene from Ana. Obviously she has the looks and is hot as fuck, but is also one hell of an actress. She gives a strong performance throught in fact, and will surely be nominated for awards for her role as Marilyn Monroe. Deservedly so, too.

Nude Photos
Ana shows her breasts in a bunch of nude pictures.

ana de armas blonde nude scenes timeline 007

ana de armas blonde nude scenes timeline 008

ana de armas blonde nude scenes timeline 009

ana de armas blonde nude scenes timeline 010

I’m sure Ana’s nipples weren’t as big and fat as last time I wanked – sorry, *looked* over them. You could hang your coat on those nipples! Maybe they did the intentionally keep it cold on set trick. Because Ana has a tit erection everytime those mammaries are out in this flick.

for over 18 years only

On The Bed
More fat nippled nude fun from Ana. This scene sees Ana topless on the bed as her husband enters. She greets him with a beaming smile. He backhands her and knocks her to the floor. Husband acts like a dick, shouts some more, and Ana stays on the floor, with her tits showing throughout the encounter. Nice breasts and body views, but instant boner killer with the guy being violent towards Ana. We’re all for consensual sex roleplay, and if BDSM floats your boat, have at it. Beating up naked women though = skip to the next nude appearance for us. Doubtless there’ll be some ‘arty’ explanation about how she needed to be nude to ‘show her vulnerability’ or some shit. But this really *is* gratuitous nudity. Surprised Ana went along with it, though she disrobes so often in the movie it’s probably in for a penny, in for a pound 🤷‍♂️

ana de armas blonde nude scenes timeline 011

ana de armas blonde nude scenes timeline 012

ana de armas blonde nude scenes timeline 013

ana de armas blonde nude scenes timeline 014

for over 18 years only

Upskirt Scene Recreated
Grumpy cunt husband is in the crowd watching his wife flash her underwear and ass at everyone. The man is a glutton for punishment. What is it with these jealous types? Anyhow, this is the iconic Marilyn Monroe upskirt atop a subway grate. As played by Ana, of course. Excellent showcasing of Ana’s fantastically sexy legs, and great ass. Again – shame about the old style panties!

ana de armas blonde nude scenes timeline 015

ana de armas blonde nude scenes timeline 016

ana de armas blonde nude scenes timeline 017

ana de armas blonde nude scenes timeline 018

Hospital Nipples
Fleeting glimpse of Ana De Armas showing her tits and nipples while in hospital. Those chapel pegs are still stealing every scene they are in.

ana de armas blonde nude scenes timeline 019

ana de armas blonde nude scenes timeline 020

Groping Her Own Tits
Hey, if YOU were Ana, you’d grope your own tits every time you could get away with it, so don’t judge. Besides, it had something to do with the plot, or something. I bet they feel great though. They look it. Probably why Ana takes the time to admire them in the mirror.

ana de armas blonde nude scenes timeline 021

ana de armas blonde nude scenes timeline 022

for over 18 years only

Huge Erect Nipples In Bed
2:22:12 and 2:25:11
By this time we’d lost track of what was really happening in the film, but this seemed to be some kind of dream sequence, or memory. Ana delivers the goodies once more as she lays nude in bed while flashing her tits around on screen.

And the 2nd batch of Ana topless in bed, this time as she wakes up – probably from the dream sequence above:

Check out those absolutely corking nipples in the 3rd picture. Tell me there wasn’t a bucket of ice on standby for every nude scene!

for over 18 years only

Pokies In The Garden
Pokies are pokies, right? They appeared, we saw, we stuck them in this timeline. It’d have been rude not to 😎

ana de armas blonde nude scenes timeline 030

Overdosing Causes Stiff Nipples
New medical fact we learned after watching Ana De Armas nude in Marilyn Monroe biopic ‘Blonde’ – overdoses cause huge fat erect nipples. The irrefutable proof is below.

ana de armas blonde nude scenes timeline 031

ana de armas blonde nude scenes timeline 032

ana de armas blonde nude scenes timeline 033

ana de armas blonde nude scenes timeline 034

for over 18 years only

Bonus Julianne Nicholson Nude Scenes
As an aside, Julianne Nicholson plays Marilyn’s mom, and also has a couple of nude scenes. These come at the beginning of the movie. Topless in the first. Full frontal nude in the second. Those on the nude timeline are at 12 minutes 30 seconds, and 13 minutes 12 seconds respectively.

mother at 12 mins 30 seconds

mother full frontal at 13 mins 12 seconds

There we have it. The definitive Ana De Armas nude timeline for Blonde. Ana has already stated she was all ‘ewww’ about her nude scenes going viral. But really, we are only human. She does give an exceptional performance though, so huge artistic credit to Ana. It’s quite possible for us to enjoy and appreciate both. And when you do nude scenes… Well, you are going to get looked at. We hope you enjoyed this article, and further hope you watch the movie in it’s entirety. It won’t be to everyone’s taste, but is well worth a viewing. Streaming on Netflix as of September 2022. And almost certain to win industry awards for cast and crew alike. We’d also wager this will lead to more movie offers for Ana too – and that would be right and just!

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