Rita Ora Nude [Lui, Clash, and More]

One of the sassiest singing celebrities around, today we celebrate the goodness that is Rita Ora nude wearing nothing but a smile. Few celebs get naked as often as Rita, so strap in as we take a look at a selection of her greatest tits. Terrible pun, but we’ll make up for it with the plentiful Rita Ora nudity below! Saucy Rita loves to flash the celebrity flesh. From fully nude shoots to daring bikinis with her tits bulging out on social media, ever sexy Rita delivers the naked goods and then some. Feast your eyes on the pictures below. Be warned, they may induce wanking!

  • Rita Ora began her career singing in UK pubs (bars), and now has a whopping $18 million net worth – not bad for a girl born in Kosovo whose parents fled the country for London, England!
  • The pub that led to her career? Owned by none other than her father, who held open-mic nights where Rita showcased her growing talent.

Rita Ora Nude for Lui Magazine

rita ora nude lui magazine cover
Rita Ora nude Lui magazine cover

As sassy as they come, Rita is bold, brassy, fun loving, cheeky, and very comfortable with nudity. Fantastic news for us because there is plenty of maerial for us to enjoy a good wank over Rita’s gorgeous body. She showed us it in full back in 2016. Infamous celeb photographer Terry Richardson snapped Rita au naturel for an amazing set of naked pictures.

rita ora nude on top of piano
Rita Ora nude on a piano

Have Rita Ora showing her nude ass while dressed in sneakers and a flight jacket on your bingo card? Us neither. Those exhibitionist celebs sure do surprise us at times!

rita ora nude ass and sneakers

Rita can’t actually play piano, but she looks fucking hot draped all over one minus her clothes! If this is Rita in playful mode with the ivories, imagine what she is like around a cock!


Rita went on to expose her bare breasts, parade in a see through vest, and generally get nude for the camera. Not quite brave enough to go full blown, shaven pussy on display like the Rosario Dawson nude full frontal scandal, Rita nevertheless gives a great nude celebrity performance. A complete natural in front of the lens, Rita looks at complete ease while posing naked.

Rita teases us by pulling down her panties to reveal she has a shaven pussy. Just a touch more and we’d be in heaven! Talk about knowing exactly how to give your male fans an erection, Rita shows off her sexuality like a seasoned stripper. Couple that with her natural exhibitionism and no wonder Rita is the subject of wanks all over the world. And you know she knows it. There’s something about women who aren’t ashamed of their sexual side. Even more endearing when a celebrity doesn’t have issues with being the object of masturbation. Ms Ora is definitely within that category! No pretending that it’s about art. Just good old fashioned here are my tits and sexually suggestive poses, and we applaud her for it!

rita ora nude flipping the bird

rita ora nude squeezing her tits together

As if that little lot wasn’t enough (there are even more of Rita’s nude Lui pictures at Our sister megasite C-Zoom) Clash magazine also featured the star fully nude.

Rita Ora Nude for Clash Magazine

rita ora fully nude for clash
Rita Ora fully nude for Clash

Rita sported a different hairstyle than usual for her naked magazine spread in Clash magazine. Though her hair isn’t really what we are all looking at! Once again pop’s naughtiest celebrity stripped naked and showed her superb body minus clothes except for a tiny thong.

for over 18 years only

rita ora naked clash magazine bare breast and erect nipple

Rita’s exposed nipples as she bares her breasts are nice and erect. That old joke about hanging your hat on them, and all that. With Rita, you can’t help suspecting it’s sexual arousal rather than room temperature contributing to those titty bullets. Tell me you don’t want to ping them though. And maybe we’re wrong but the below picture surely shows Rita giving her clit a sneaky rub through her thong.

rita ora naked clash magazine bare breast

Turns out Rita has a bit of a semi-secret ongoing feud with fellow nudist singer Rihanna. Rih-Rih, as she is sometimes known, intimated that Rita had copied both her fashion and music style. With both women being pretty fiery, the feud has reportedly been simmering for years, and is unlikely to end anytime soon. Alongside that are rumors that Rita’s part in Fast & Furious 48 (ok, 6) was originally intended for Rihanna, as well as an unnamed song that proved to be a hit. Celebs and their bickering, eh. Maybe the answer is for some naked oil-wrestling between the pair.

rita ora naked clash magazine bare tits

Rita Ora Had Sex With A Kardashian!

  • Her relationship with Rob Kardashian (and we are assuming they had sex here) unsurprisingly didn’t end well.
  • Kim’s brother hit social media like a love stricken schoolboy, to announce the ludicrous claim that Rita had cheated on him with 20 other guys, wtf!
  • He also claimed Rita was pregnant with his child, again, wtf!
  • Rita kept her dignity, and would only state (some time after) that Twitter should hold exams to make sure people are mentally stable before being allowed on the shithole platform. She isn’t wrong.

Rita Ora Nudity

cara delevingne licking rita oras boobs
Cara Delevingne licking Rita Ora’s boobs

Rita Ora just cannot help herself when it comes to flaunting her tits. She has the body of a model, and a genuinely admirable Fuck You attitude. Don’t like it? Moral crusader? ‘She uses sex to sell records’ puritan? Fuck You, is the reply clearly emanating from Rita, even if she doesn’t come right out and say it. Brash, bold, and beautiful, in every sense of every word is how we see Rita. Who else would post an intentional cameltoe on their own insta.

rita ora cameltoe

It’s often said that Europeans are far less like angsty teenagers than their US counterparts when it relates to nudity. When you’re one of the more pro-sexual expression Americans, it’s easy to see why that’s a prevailing thought. You have Madonna, and Nicki Minaj when it comes to the real superstars, and the likes of Lil’ Kim, and Cardi B for not quite superstar celebs, and who represent a smaller genre. Other than those, is there as long a list as the Europeans who have seemingly no qualms about stripping off nude so often? Or even posting very risque pictures to their social media? Take this collection of Rita Ora sexy pictures on her instagram for instance:

This woman loves a bikini, and takes great pleasure in sharing the view of herself in them with us. Btw, did you spot the masturbating tool in the last picture above Rita is holding? Some would say it’s a hairclip, but knowing Rita, well…

for over 18 years only

The above shots are from Rita’s vacation to Ibiza in 2019, which she shared with fans. Trolls gave Rita shit for her ‘too skimpy bikini’. It was these comments that led Rita to say she finds showing her sexuality empowering. Rita also stated women naturally use their sex appeal whether they realise it or not, and that it ‘comes out of our pores’. She is right, of course. Rita has also said that the first step to being sexy is to feel it. Citing herself standing in front of a mirror while nude, affirming ‘I’m sexy as fuck!’ as a method she employs. It works, and as every man knows, sexiness and sexual allure come from far more than just looks. Rita is a great role model for women when it comes to body confidence. We all wank over Rita, we all want fo fuck her, but the ‘extra’ with Rita is we’d all marry her as well! Well I certainly would anyway.

rita ora sexy squatting

Speaking of being married to Rita, here’s my visual of her about to ride me in the morning. Or sucking my cock. Either way, Rita makes a great wife, in my daydreams. And by daydreams I mean masturbatory fantasies. You know she’d dance around like this in the bedroom for you:

Rita Ora Pantieless At VMA

rita ora no underwear red dress
Rita Ora without underwear in a red dress at VMA

Bold as brass Rita stepped out at the VMA awards in 2014 with no underwear. Using the excuse that she ‘couldn’t wear panties with the dress’, Rita went commando and had this to say about it:

“I had no underwear at all on. I memorised my angles and made sure that I did *not* move from them!”

Man I’d have been there with an industrial fan a la Marilyn Monroe scene if I:

  1. Knew.
  2. Was a millionaire and had the time to waste on it.

Ah well. Here are some more shots of Rita letting the breeze hit her pussy as she goes commando in public.

for over 18 years only

Rita Ora Topless Video

Check out Rita shaking her big firm tits, bouncing them around, squeezing them, and then showing us here bare chest while she blows us a kiss. Make no mistake this woman absolutely rocks, and just oozes sex from every pore. She’s almost daring you to pull out your dick and jerk off to her, so if you are over 18 click the link on the video for the full version. And yes, Rita plays all 3 ‘characters’ in the video. Stockings, flashing her panties as she treats up to upskirts, and smacking her own ass.

Phew. Quite the collection of Rita Ora nude, we hope you had as much enjoyment as we did. And that’s not even the half of it! View the insanely huge library of Rita fully naked, her public nipple slips, upskirts, see through outfits, and more at the banner below. There’s a lot to wank over!


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