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These days more celebrities than ever are going naked. 40 years ago you were lucky to get a glimpse of famous nipple. Now female celebs embrace nudity like a life-preserving elixir. Which in these fast moving now you’re a celebrity, now you aren’t times, isn’t far from the truth. Luckily for us celebrity nudes lovers a growing number of famous people seem to have realised the need for nudity as a means of exposure and have taken matters into their own hands. Celebs show themselves naked on various platforms as well as being more open to nudity in tv and films. We can’t expect every single celebrity to be so confident, albeit more celebrities than ever feel comfortable getting undressed in front of the camera πŸ˜›

To stay relevant pretty much anyone famous does a sex scene or risque shoot here and there, performs a film role where the art ‘requires’ nudity, or just post selfies with most of their tits out. And pretty much all their ass. Hell, Nicki Minaj celebrated her birthday by uploading nudes to her instagram! Here at this homage to nude celebs the world over we highlight the best in celebs baring all for the camera. Take a peek at this video preview to get an idea of the female celebs and what you can expect to see here 🀩

Nude Celebs in Television

Check out the best bare celebs in TV shows like:

  • Evan Rachel Wood and Thandie Newton stripping bare ass naked for Westworld
  • Martha Higareda naked alongside Kristin Lehman and Dichen Lachman full frontal nudity in Altered Carbon
  • Emilia Clarke, Lena Headey, Natalie Dormer, Nathalie Emmanuel, and just about every female extra in Game Of Thrones
  • Lucy Lawless & Laura Surrich going au naturel and showing us their big tits in Spartacus
  • Emmy Rossum baring her naked body in Shameless

And lots more besides. A taster of those actresses:

Above are Thandie & Evan baring their unclothed bodies. Below are Martha, Kristin and Dichen showing us what Mother Nature blessed them with.

Celebrities naked from tv show Game of Thrones include these beauties who unabashedly stripped off:

Here’s Laura and Lucy parading their big celebrity tits, followed by Emmy sporting a slightly smaller set of funbags 😍

Emmy Rossum Showing Her Tits
Emmy Rossum Showing Her Tits

With a plethora of picking throughout the decades there’s no shortage of shows with celebrity nudes and a few of them may well surprise you to know they disrobed for their public parts, to parade their private parts πŸ˜‹

Celebrity Nudes in Movies

Some of the ‘big hitters’ in the movie world seem almost as keen to strip off as we are to see them in the altogether. Society has definitely upped the ante when it comes to nude celebs in films, from the then shocking sight of Jayne Mansfield being the first celebrity to appear topless on film in 1963. Prior to Jayne’s breasts on screen, Hollywood had banned nudity of ANY kind. That opened the floodgates once Hollywood decided boobs were ok, and over the years we now get such delights as shaved celebrity pussy gracing Tinsel Town offerings. And if they want to call it ‘art’ we won’t complain about all the boobs and pussy served up by such Hall of Famers as Jennifer Lawrence, Elizabeth Olsen, and Scar Jo.

Sports Celebrities Naked

Pop singers and sportswomen from A-list celebs alongside z-list attention whores, every day brings a new glut of celebrity nudes our way. It’s like women as a whole finally realised what some of them have known all along; that guys are literally powerless to NOT look if there’s tits, pussy, ass, nice legs, or even cleavage flashing – however large or small – placed in front of us by willing ladies. That gives them a whole bunch of power, and you don’t get to become a celebrity with at least a low-level goal of power, in whatever form it comes. Is it a great surprise that there are more celebrity nudes than ever – nope, not really. Which is music to even deaf people’s ears, doubly so for us that understand our fave celebs are just as human and sexual as we are.

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