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Celebrity Sex Tapes Videos

Celebrity Sex Tape time as we present the ultimate in celeb watching: seeing them have sex on camera whether it’s fucking a cock or a dildo, and sometimes it’s both 😜 Kim Kardashian & Ray-J, Pammy & Tommy, Paris Hilton, WWE Paige, and a fuckton more celebrities have filmed a homemade celebrity tape so how’s this for a celebrity sextape compilation list…

Celebrity sex tapes made by famous people, such as Kim Kardashian and Ray J, Paris Hilton & Rick Salomon, Pamela Anderson with Tommy Lee, Katie Price, Rob Lowe, Dustin Diamond! These are highly sought after when they hit the media. We’ve all seen the screaming headlines with one or more celebrities, and ‘sex tape scandals’ as the news. Well here at CelebMeat we like to watch those naughty nude scenes of celeb sex in the porn tapes of the stars. Be they Hollywood celebs, or celebrity sex tapes featuring singers, actresses, sportswomen, or the famous people who achieved fame by being famous. Those ones may, and mostly do, fade into obscurity, but their sex videos live on forever, even though they may be out of the news, we still remember them as ‘oh THAT person!’. Such is their effect on our memories… even the worst celebs we recall on a little bit of memory jogging!

The best celebrity porn videos of all time are here! If you want to watch sex tapes of them doing the nasty. You’ll see them sucking cock, fucking, anal, and all the filthy things the rest of us also love to get up to. Or if you are looking for free celebrity content to quickly jack off to, then you will love our site as well as the xxx movies of the A list (and lower!) celebrities here. Scroll below, check out our A – Z, or use the search feature (the magnifying glass) if you know the celebrity you are looking for!

Celebrity sex tapes videos or just plain old clips if you prefer the term are here to stay. Strap in as we take a good hard and probably erect look at them in detail. Now for the real celebrity sextapes 😜🥳

These cheeky celebs are just as filthy as you and I are, and some of them have their star-seeking eyes on some extra fame that a home porno can bring. They took the gamble on it being a springboard to greater celebrity status, plenty of them clearly love sucking cock and fucking. Also masturbating with dildos and various toys, or even having threesomes, and enjoy the extra thrill that doing it while being filmed brings. They are celebrities after all, not aliens, so have the same filthy sexuality as the rest of us twisted fucks. Which is *fantastic* news of course!

Kim Kardashian Sex Tape


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Unless you’ve been living like a hermit for the past decade and a bit, you’ll know that Kim’s sex tape exploded her into the limelight. The Kim Kardashian porno set her up to be one of the richest, as well as most famous-for-being-famous women on the planet. Since then, Kim has branched out into clothing and fragrances, and is a savvy businesswoman who knows how to make sure she and her products stay in the spotlight. Make no mistake though, this was planned and executed by the pair with exposure in mind. While it did far more for Kardashian (and her family) than for RJ, the power of a celebrity sex tape can’t be overstated. Plus she gives a pretty mean blowjob!

kim kardashian sex tape

For a video preview of the sex tape by Kim, Click Here and watch

Paris Hilton Sex Tape

paris hilton celebrity sex tape

One of the most famous celeb sextapes in existence. Socialite Paris starred in this infamous home porno and caused quite the scandal. Paris and boyfriend Rick Saloman made a sex video of himself & Paris and did the dirty on her by editing and selling the full tape. Back then it was only Pamela Anderson that was a big name celebrity to have a sextape on the internet. The release of Hilton’s homemade porn video was absolutely massive news. It would also later inspire close friend Kim Kardashian to jump-start her journey to global fame. The sextape shows:

  • Paris recording herself topless to show off her ‘beautiful breasts’ and erect nipples.
  • Paris receiving cunnilingus while dressed in thigh high boots, spreadeagled on a hotel armchair as she is pleasured by Rick’s tongue.
  • Oral sex in graphic detail, highlighting the pretty impressive Paris Hilton blowjob skills.
  • Paris having sex in missionary & doggystyle positions
  • Rick shooting his cum over Paris’s tits after a blowjob and handjob.

Stills and video preview of the Paris Hilton Sextape here:


Paris has a bit of a reputation for being an airhead. Maybe deserved, maybe not. One thing’s for sure – Paris definitely knows how to work a dick with her mouth. The way she swallows most of that fairly big prick (we mean his tool, not Rick himself) earns bonus points for deepthroat technique.

Charlotte Gainsbourg Interracial Threesome


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Woah… mainstream actress Charlotte Gainsbourg is one sly fox. Under the guise of ‘art’, she basically made not one but 2, count ’em, TWO pornos. Sucking, wanking, and fucking her way through both, the highlight was an interracial threesome. With double penetration on camera, this is the most blatant celebrity sex tape dressed up as arthouse yet. She takes on this duo of BBC studs as they fuck her ass and pussy at the same time, and with the size of those dicks it’s pretty obvious Charlotte is no stranger to anal sex. She lets out whimpers of pleasure even though the character she plays doesn’t call for losing herself in the moment. Can you imagine the conversation over dinner that night with her partner? So honey, work ok today? Oh, it was ok, I fucked two black guys at the same time, I actually enjoyed a threesome more than I thought I would – how about your day?

Fair play to her, because in this sextape she also fucks some other guys, gets fingered by a sadist, gives some other dude a blowjob, and has the most weird wank you’ll ever see. She also is a filthy little lady, check out in her nipples in each sex scene – they are practically bursting, that’s how enlarged they are while she is is horny mode.

charlotte gainsbourg threesome

charlotte gainsbourg cock watching

For a video preview of Charlotte having sex on camera, Click Here to watch the gainsbourg threesome

Mainstream Movies With Real Sex

As well as homemade sex tapes from celebrities, there are also actresses who have real sex, or perform real sex acts in mainstream movies. The Charlotte Gainsbourg sextape is from mainstream movie Nympho, and here we take a look at other actresses who have given blowjobs and/or fucked on screen for real. In order of celebrity fame, these Hollywood actresses have had real sex in general release films:

  • Chloe Sevigny (The Brown Bunny)
  • Margo Stilley (9 Songs)
  • Deborah Revy & Helene Zimmer (Desire)

Here we take a look at each of these naughty thespians doing the dirty for cinema goers!

Chloe Sevigny Blowjob

Chloe is arguably the biggest name amongst those, and achieved some notoriety when she gave an on-screen blowjob to her co-star Vincent Gallo. The pair used to date, so Chloe had sucked his dick in the past and felt comfortable doing it for the big screen. The film itself is awful, and Roger Ebert famously panned it as being less interesting than watching his own colonoscopy. Which is one hell of a roast, lets be honest. Nevertheless it had the redeeming quality of a full blowjob, in every detail, including the cumshot. Chloe swallowed the sperm load, but you can see when he ejaculates and fills her mouth, which then runs along his cock as she carries on sucking to clean him up.

Quite the mouthful for Chloe, as her cheek bulges with vincent’s penis shaft buried in her mouth after he cums inside 😜

chloe sevigny blowjob cumshot
Chloe Sevigny blowjob cumshot

Margo Stilley Blowjob & Fucking

Next up is Margo Stilley, who performed unsimulated oral on film. That’s the posh way of saying gave a blowjob, by the way. Margo went one better than Chloe, by actually fucking her opposite actor. And yes, you see the actual penetration where his cock slides in and out of her pussy while Margo rides his dick. After giving fellatio Margo finishes him off with a handjob, wanking his cum all over his belly. She then moves in for a good old fashioned french kiss, after having his penis in her mouth. Slaves to their art, I guess. The Margo Stilley blowjob is more sensual, whereas Chloe’s blowjob is a raw, lusty piece of cocksucking. Both actresses show that they are experienced in the art of dick sucking. Kinda makes you want to take up acting doesn’t it, to get paid for having a Hollywood celeb pleasure you orally 😛

Alongside her cock slurping demonstration the then 21 year old Margo gives plenty of full frontal nudity. And detailed vulva. And gets her pussy licked. And has full sex. Here are some stills of the former model during the movie – she even manages to get a footjob in. What a game girl!


Not a bad way to film a celebrity sex tape then show it to millions, and still get to pretend you didn’t do it for the sexual thrill.

Deborah Revy Blowjob, Fingering, Fucking

Shy isn’t a word in Deborah Levy’s vocabulary. Some more apt words are: big tits, milf, sexually charged, fuck for money art, and have real sex in a mainstream movie. French, feisty, and fuckable, Deborah engages in the following during 2011 film ‘Q’, released as ‘Desire’ in the US.

  • Deborah exposes her pussy lips by trimming her pubes into a Brazilian type style for her appearance, and to make sure the audience get a good look at her vagina.
  • Levy grabs hold of a male co-star’s hand to get fingered by him in a public unisex open-air bathroom
  • Rumor has it Deborah refused the option of sucking and fucking on prosthetic (fake) penis, preferring to ‘approach things like a real actress’ by performing only genuine sex acts.
  • Deborah gives a handjob, a blowjob, gets fucked, and also fingers a female co-star – all unsimulated.


Screenshots from what is basically the Deborah Revy celebrity sex tape:

We see Debbie’s celebrity pussy in crystal clear detail right from the off. She proceeds to give us an upskirt before leting some actor give her a fingering. Afterwards it’s handjob and big tit parading. So far, so excellent. Full frontal nudity from the cheeky Ms Revy also abounds. Fellow actress Helene Zimmer follows in Deb’s footsteps for going fully unsimulated. After showing us her tits and pussy Helene sucks real cock:

After all, why should one person get all the fun in a worldwide sextape 😂 Back to Deborah for some lesbian fun (what porno doesn’t have a little bit of everything?!) as she sucks on titties and slips a finger inside an extra’s lovebox. Then more cocksucking and a fuck – all for real – alongside the genuine blowjob by a Hollywood actress that’s in the clip above:

Phew! While we are at it, check out the body on Deborah here whilst getting her pussy licked (yes, for real too!) by yet another guy from the same sextape. Stunning 😜

See the whole collection of celebrity home sextapes by visiting C-Zoom’s video site here – they’ll make your eyes pop!

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