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Celebrity Sex Tapes

Celebrity Sex Tape time as we present the ultimate in celeb watching: seeing them have sex on camera whether it’s fucking a cock or a dildo, and sometimes it’s both 😜 Kim Kardashian & Ray-J, Pammy & Tommy, Paris Hilton, WWE Paige, and a fuckton more celebrities have filmed a homemade celebrity porn movie so how’s this for a celebrity sextape compilation list…

These cheeky celebs are just as filthy as you and I are, and while some of them have their star-seeking eyes on some extra fame that a home porno can bring, and took the gamble on it being a springboard to greater celebrity status, plenty of them clearly love sucking cock, fucking, masturbating with dildos and various toys, or even having threesomes, and enjoy the extra thrill that doing it while being filmed brings. They are celebrities after all, not aliens, so have the same filthy sexuality as the rest of us twisted fucks. Which is *fantastic* news of course!

Kim Kardashian Sex Tape


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Unless you’ve been living like a hermit for the past decade and a bit, you’ll know that Kim’s sex tape exploded her into the limelight, and set her up to be one of the richest, as well as most famous-for-being-famous women on the planet. Since then, Kim has branched out into clothing and fragrances, and is a savvy businesswoman who knows how to make sure she and her products stay in the spotlight. Make no mistake though, this was planned and executed by the pair with exposure in mind, and while it did far more for Kardashian (and her family) than for RJ, the power of a celebrity sex tape can’t be overstated. Plus she gives a pretty mean blowjob!

kim kardashian sex tape

For a video preview of the sex tape by Kim, Click Here and watch

Charlotte Gainsbourg Interracial Threesome


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Woah… mainstream actress Charlotte Gainsbourg is one sly fox. Under the guise of ‘art’, she basically made not one but 2, count ’em, TWO pornos. Sucking, wanking, and fucking her way through both, the highlight was an interracial thressome with double penetration on camera in the most blatant celebrity sex tape dressed up as arthouse yet. She takes on this duo of BBC studs as they fuck her ass and pussy at the same time, and with the size of those dicks it’s pretty obvious Charlotte is no stranger to anal sex, letting out whimpers of pleasure even though the character she plays doesn’t call for losing herself in the moment. Can you imagine the conversation over dinner that night with her partner? So honey, work ok today? Oh, it was ok, I fucked two black guys at the same time, I actually enjoyed a threesome more than I thought I would – how about your day?

Fair play to her, because in this sextape she also fucks some other guys, gets fingered by a sadist, gives some other dude a blowjob, and has the most weird of wanks you’ll ever see. She also is a filthy little lady, check out in her nipples in each sex scene – they are practically bursting, that’s how enlarged they are while she is is horny mode.

charlotte gainsbourg threesome

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