kim kardashian sex tape

Kim Kardashian Sex Tape [Full & Uncensored]

Kim Kardashian and Ray-J in one of the most well known sex tape videos of all time. Recently Kim has said she regrets making the sex tape – which probably means she regrets showing it, but whatever she means, the fact remains that it’s still here, one of the most watched home sextapes in history, and shows Kim sucking cock like a woman possessed as she chugs Ray’s impressive dick before parting her smooth shaven pussy and fucking on camera. She takes that big black cock in various positions, and it’s obvious she has a real taste for, and love of, BBC. As also evidenced by marrying mad as a fucking hatter ‘politician’ Kanye West.


The Kim Kardashian Sextape

If you are ready to watch the infamous Kim Kardashian full and uncensored home sex tape that catapulted this cock slurping celebrity into mega stardom, hit the play button on the video below!

Kim knows how to handle a big dick, and whether she takes it in her cocksucking mouth or shaved clean pussy, definitely makes sure her man is pleased. When she wraps BOTH hands around Ray-J’s weapon, and still has enough shaft left to suck on, is when you know this is one celebrity not afraid of getting her mouth and pussy stretched by some BBC. It’s a bit of a mystery as to why Kim would now regret this sex tape, as she gives a performance to be proud of, and isn’t exactly known for her shyness or any kind of shunning of the limelight even when the focus is on her body and sexuality. I mean, how can it be because she is in any way some kind of blushing naive celebrity, when these kinds of images are what she has put out there??

History Of A Sex Tape

The Kim Kardashian sex tape was made way back in 2002 BUT not released until 2007, after legal wrangling with the website it is still on to this day. The reason it was held back, is that until the previous year (2006) Kim wasn’t famous enough for it to have any news worthiness. What changed was that Kim started palling around with fellow socialite Paris Hilton (Paris Hilton Sex Tape here), and started getting more media coverage.

Her dad is the late Robert Kardashian, who was OJ Simpson’s lawyer, so the family had money, a little amount of fame already, albeit not yet on the A-list, and Kim had natural beauty and a killer body. The media started showing an interest, and savvy Kim realised what the media have known since time immortal: sex sells. And sells big. Whether it’s the people who like it, and praise sex & nudity, or the ones who think it’s a sin and are vocal about it, it generates interest, discussion, shares, clicks, and ultimately money. Which Kim wanted, along with the fame.

Now, remember that Paris had already had her own sex tape released, and had also seemingly ‘advised’ Britney Spears on how to get insane column inches – though Britney was already a megastar in her own right – by encouraging Britney to flash her pussy in public in front of a gobsmacked paparazzi. Britney’s journey was, and is, a sadder one than most, more about that as well as the Britney Spears pussy pics here. So Paris was an old hand at manipulating the press via sex, right as Kim was beginning to get a taste for being famous, and already armed with a previously recorded sex tape.

Fast forward a little, and the home video of Kim’s porno exploits hit the internet, and hit it hard. To this day it is the most viewed celebrity sex tape in existence, all from the previously humble and struggling to find a career ex-personal stylist of none other than Ray-J’s sister-in-law Brandy Norwood, the singer, which is how Kim and Ray got together.

Kris Jenner Nude

Kim and Paris eventually faded as far as being close friends, though have never fell out, and Kim’s empire has expanded into clothing and fragrances, the hit tv show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, which also made stars of her sisters, and even her mom; with mom Kris marrying Robert Jenner, the former Olympic athlete, having 2 of the clan with him (Kylie and Kendall), before splitting up with Bruce, before Bruce transitioned into Caitlyn after much publicised sex reassignment surgery. Quite the intricate plot, which also adds to the whole Kardashian brand as the subject of public attention. Kim and Co continue their steady march to even more fame and fortune, with even Kris jumping on the nudity sells! bandwagon, going topless, and with a sheer swimsuit that was blurred by the shows producers before going out on air.

The Kim Kardashian sex tape spawned an empire, that included nude shoots for Kim, the whole family on TV, Kim’s sisters gleaning their own notoriety and showing their tits whenever the chance arose, and even mom got in on the act with the sex pics. It’s no wonder more and more celebrities have partaken in their own sextapes in an attempt to gain column inches as well as the cock variety. Good on them, and extremely good for us!

kim kardashian sextape full frontal pussy

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