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Amy Adams Nude Movie Scenes

Ah, when life is good and you find out Amy Adams did a few nude scenes in her movies and got naked for the camera. Here she is in those nude moments forever preserved and giving men around the planet that triumphant inner feeling of knowing you have seen a fresh pair of tits, or new bare ass. Guys, we present to you the absolutely gorgeous Amy showing her wares, courtesy of The Direct Source Of All Our Celebs. With over 1 million (yep you read that correctly!) videos to watch we haven’t even scratched the surface of their nude celebrities, and we are having a damn good try at it πŸ˜€

Scroll down for the pics, as well as random info on this Hollywood A-list stunner.

One of Hollywood’s hottest properties, Amy Adams is an amazing actress, alongside achieving fit as fuck status. This rude redhead is pretty as a picture, and definitely the kind of girl you’d take home to meet the parents. But hey wait a minute – all of a sudden she’s a smouldering sex on legs babe of the highest order, oozing fuck me-ness all over the place. Which is why we rate her so much, not many women CAN pull off the whole wife in public and whore in private, but it’s almost certain you can put a large amount of cash on that being the case for the seriously sexy Amy Adams.

As for her on and off screen nudity, like most A-listers, Amy dabbled with some nude scenes early in her career. Careful to keep covered up since, Amy proves to be a hard milf to capture nude in the wild. Fear not though, sexy and nude celebrity lovers! We have a fine array of this redheaded wife material on offer here, which you can wank look over at any or all of the articles below.

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So just who is Amy Adams you may ask. Well, only one of the most talented actresses out there, along with being easier to look at than the inside of your eyelids while you have your eyes shut, that’s who. Here’s a run down of Amy Adam’s assets:

Breasts: small. Not tiny, but though they are bigger than when she was first breaking into acting, and there’s plenty to see when she wears her preferred revealing cleavage dresses. Nobody could say they are big boobs, but these days she sports a nice pair of medium size tits. They do look pretty perfect though, and there is plenty to aim for should you find yourself in the lucky position of being about to fire a wad of cum all over her titties.

Hair: Amy is a natural redhead. She is the classic pale skinned redhead, and by the way here’s some super boring interesting trivia – natural redheads are the rarest of all, only 1 – 2% of the global population are such. Is she immortal too? We guess we will or won’t find out one day.

Pussy: Ok now it’s pure guess time, but we are going with shaved. She is an actress, so is likely naturally ‘bohemian’ so it’s possible she has an all natural bush. Weighing that up against her age, and the way she oozes sexuality, and shaved pussy is our final answer.

Facial Beauty: Unfortunately not the title of an upcoming Amy Adams movie, but a consensus of opinion – obviously beauty is subjective so don’t be quoting us lest we get marked as FAKE NEWS!! We award Amy 9/10 in the looks department.

Legs: Slender, shapely, all the right qualities aesthetically, the only thing missing is the fact they aren’t wrapped around our neck/back.

Sexual Magnetism: A shocker to nobody who has read any of this article, Amy scores 11/10 on the sex-0-meter.

Acting Ability: A perfect 10, up there with the greats, as she surely will be globally recognised as being so one day. Completely on top of her game.

Amy Adams Sideboob & Cleavage

amy adams downblouse

Amy seems to be a big fan of showing off her sideboob and cleavage. She doesn’t get her tits out fully all that often. Amy’s boobs are displayed a fair amount thanks to the revealing outfits she often wears. That’s both on screen and as part of her personal wardrobe. Here she is exhibiting marvellous celebrity sideboob at some swanky occasion or other:

amy adams nude sideboob silver dress

Not content with showing off her tits under the guise of ‘formal occasion’, Amy yet again treats us to a mouth watering display of her titties in this low cut deep cleavage ensemble:

amy adams nude cleavage

for over 18 years only

Amy Adams Nipple Slip

A very rare look at Amy Adams nipples, or one of them at least! Amy has a nip slip moment while posing for a photographer while in a fashion, or possibly promotional movie shoot thingy. Whatever the fuck those are called. Amy’s left tit makes a break for it, and we see the escape attempt below 😜😍

amy adams tits nipple slip

Amy Adams Nude Scenes

amy adams tit flash

amy adams tit flashing

Hollywood star Amy bared her breasts in full for 2008 movie Sunshine Cleaning. Lord knows what it’s about but 3 cheers for Adams getting her tits out and appearing nude, even if we only got to see the topless half.

amy adams nude

Adams is probably best known for her role in American Hustle. She is a fantastic actress and has played some awesomely powerful parts. In 2008 she played the role of Delysia Lafosse and disrobed to give us a full length shot of her nude body. Quite the figure, and of course the hair color helps, but we can’t help but be reminded of Nicola Kidman who has a very similar body type including tits.

Amy also got naughty in 2000 release Psycho Beach Party. She has her bikini bottoms removed to leave her standing with her hands covering her pussy, and we also see Amy’s naked ass for good measure.

amy adams naked scene

amy adams naked

amy adams nude scene

Amy has won and been nominated for a multitude of industry awards. Adams played a zealous wife to a spiritual leader in “The Master,” earning her an Oscar nomination. The following year she received an Oscar nomination for her role in American Hustle. She won the Golden Globe for that part.

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In ‘The Fighter’ (what a GREAT movie!!) she plays the girlfriend of Mark Wahlberg’s character Micky Ward. Her performance in this is outstanding, and without belittling it at all (this is a nude celebrity site after all, not a movie review one) she has some great cleavage scenes as well as appearing in a see through bra to show her nipples. Seriously though, if you’ve not seen it, watch it as soon as you can!

amy adams tits

amy adams boobs

We are huge fans of Amy, both for her immense talent as an actress, and of course the more base reason of her being sexy as fuck. If she ever reads this, we hope she understands you can greatly admire both. Which is likely she does – she strikes us as being pretty aware of her sexuality, and though it doesn’t define her (or any other celebrity on CelebMeat) she knows people have desires. Or maybe not, and she hates everything sites like this are about! In which case we can only apolgise.

amy adams breasts

Oh and be sure to also check out these truly delicious pictures of Amy Adams revealing her cleavage -after you click/tap the article rating below of course!

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