italy v england nude celebs battle part 1 featured

Euros 2021 Italy v England Nude Celebs Battle [Part I]

So it’s the final of Euros 2021 (also being called Euro 2020 as it got delayed from it’s original tournament date last year), with Italy versus England and what better way to mark the occasion that a bit of good clean nude celebrity fun. Check out the line-ups that are far easier on the eye than the players on the field, and we’ll all pretend this is something other than a gratuitous celeb nudity article dressed up as a serious battle ๐Ÿ˜‰

We’ll be using 1-4-3-3 formation for both teams, so first up are the goalkeepers: Emilia Clarke and Monica Bellucci. Tap/click any pic to open it full sized ๐Ÿคฉ

Emilia Clarke Nude (England)

Emilia is most famous for her nudity in Game of Thrones, and also starred in Terminator Genisys (Terminator 5), along with Solo: A Star Wars Story. She has also defended the amount of nude scenes in GoT in various interviews.

Monica Bellucci Nude (Italy)

A former model, turned actress, Monica is very comfortable with being naked in front of the camera, and has done numerous nude modelling shoots, as well as stripping off for film roles. She appeared as on of the brides in Bram Stoker’s Dracula, has been a Bond girl in Spectre, and wowed us all with her amazing cleavage in The Matrix movies.

Defenders next, playing at the back for England are Emma Watson, Rita Ora, Liz Hurley, and Helen Mirren; and Italy’s defence is made up of Alexandra Daddario, Kaley Cuoco (both of Italian ancestry), Sophia Loren, and Isabella Rossellini:

Emma Watson Nude (England)

Emma is best known for her role in the Harry Potter franchise, but as an adult starred in the live version of Beauty and The Beast, and Little Women. Also voted as best celebrity legs multiple times, for good reason!

Rita Ora Nude (England)

Cheeky minx Rita has openly admitted she finds it ‘fun’ when one of her many ‘wardrobe malfunctions’ occurs, and has said that’s the price of the type of outfit she likes to wear. This lovable celebrity is also up for nude and topless photoshoots should she feel like it. Quite clearly a girl who likes a laugh, doesn’t take herself too seriously, and isn’t snotty about the fact people like to look at her naked body for the sheer hell of it. Old school attitude in a younger generation celeb body – refreshing as fuck!
You can see a lot more of Rita nude on her page here.

for over 18 years only

Liz Hurley Nude (England)

English rose Liz is a truly beautiful actress, and looks amazing even now in her 50s (and we don’t mean she looks good for 50, we mean she looks good against any 30 year old!). Hitting headlines as the former girlfriend of Hugh Grant, and splitting with him after he got arrested for getting a blowjob from a street hooker, she went on to star in Austin Powers, after getting her acting break in Sharpe – a UK period drama. Oh.. the pic on the left below, wearing a fake fur coat – that’s Liz at 56 years old… we told you she still has it ๐Ÿ˜

Helen Mirren Nude (England)

Another firm favorite of the UK public, Helen has been in showbiz since the 60s, and is no stranger to stripping nude if the role required it, and even when it was not exactly all that necessary. Starting in theater, she moved to films and TV with parts in Caligula, The Twilight Zone, Prime Suspect, Frasier, National Treasure (as Nicolas Cage’s mother), and RED. Her filmography is a long and illustrious list.

Alexandra Daddario Nude (Italy)

Alexandra hit stardom when she went nude in True Detective opposite Woody Harrelson, where she played his piece on the side. She also had a lead part in the movie adaptation of Baywatch, and like the rest of the cast, looked amazing in the swimwear. Shame the script was the biggest pile of shit this side of af a zoo’s elephant enclosure. Hey ho.

Kaley Cuoco Nude (Italy)

We’ve cheated a bit here and posted sexy rather than naked, as we aren’t allowed to republish the nude pics of Kaley or we’ll be taken down. But have no fear, you can view them here in full!

for over 18 years only

Sophia Loren Nude (Italy)

One of the biggest Hollywood stars in the world during the swinging sixties, Sophia was the object of desire for men all round the globe for her.. well.. globes. She famously first got them out in 1951 at the age of 18, and what a magnificent pair of tits they were!

Isabella Rossellini Nude (Italy)

Isabella is another model turned actress, and her natural beauty led to many movies, and fame as an actress. As with all models, she wasn’t shy about baring her nude body when called upon to do so. These days, as she approaches her 70s, she lives on a sprawling 28 acre farm and concentrates on her passion of philanthropy.

Part II is here:

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