madonna nude full frontal pussy

Madonna Nude – Full Frontal Pussy, Tits, and Ass

Madonna. Queen of… well, everything. Blasting into our consciousness in the mid 80s, this woman has done it all, including being the trailblazer for celebrity nudity. Long before today’s attention seeking celebs used sex to sell, Madonna literally wrote the book on ‘Sex’. And what a book it was, filled with outrageous pictures of Maddie nude including showing her pussy, tits, and ass. There was no holding back – full frontals, girl on girl lesbian overtones, public nudity, BDSM, and a whole lot more besides. Welcome to this celebration of Madonna nude – there’s a lot to get through!

Examples of Madonna nude throughout the years:

Madonna hardly needs any introduction, but here’s a quick recap anyway in case anyone on the planet is a dumbass unsure of who she is, and a very quick bio.

  • Madonna is a singer, songwriter, and actress from Michigan in America – Bay City, to be precise.
  • Alongside being a proficient guitar player she was drummer for 2 bands before launching her solo career.
  • Madonna became famous in the 1980s so has spanned 5 decades as an A-list celebrity.
  • In 1985 previously unknown nude photos taken when Madonna was 18 and compiling her portfolio were published.
  • Her book ‘Sex’ was released in 1992 amid created worldwide controversy due to sexually explicit nudity featuring the star

The first ever nude picture of Madonna the pop star, as opposed to posing as an unknown for modelling was in 1990. Taken by Helmut Newton for magazine Vanity Fair at Small’s Bar in Hollywood, it showed Madonna exposing her breast:

Madonna topless first picture
Madonna topless first picture

Since then we’ve been treated to: flashing her tits, baring her pussy, going topless at fashion shows, and more wanking material from the Material Girl than we can shake our cocks at. Make no mistake Madonna is *the* OG queen of celebrity nudes no matter how many have tried to dethrone her. Almost impossible to show in exact chronological order – there’s that many of them – but we’ll give it as close a shot as we can. You can also see these in their entirety, in gallery form at our Madonna nude photos page.

Madonna Nude 1970s and 1980s

Back in late 1977 the then 18 year old posed completely nude for Herman Kulkens. This was Madonnas virgin naked photoshoot, and where this full frontal is from.

madonna full frontal cowboy outfit

Unfazed at showing her tits and pussy – though with an untamed bush – Madonna posed for a series of pictures with no clothes on. These were a different set from the black & white nude Madonna pictures that surfaced in 1985 and published in Playboy and Penthouse. *That* set was shot in 1979 and saw a slightly but clearly older Madonna (19 vs 18) in the wider known shots such as this:

Madonna nude showing hairy pussy
Madonna nude showing hairy pussy

Madonna Nude 1990s

Fast forward to 1990 and the Marilyn Monroe phase. More nude photos appeared, this time for Vanity Fair, and part of the collection which included her topless picture above (in Small’s Bar). These images were more sexy than the other ‘arty’ pic of Madonna topless in the bowler hat (first image on this page). It showed she was embracing her sexual side and was a taster of ever more blatant wanking ammo to come.

Madonna nude in 1990

And come it did, like a speeding bullet, a supersonic jet, a whore dropping her panties, or whatever other phrase you want to use. Naked pictorial Sex book hit the shelves in 1992. To say it caused a stir is to understate the insane response that ensued. Churches went nuts. Karens were horrified. Television talking heads spluttered. Bad enough Madge got saucy in the video for Like A Prayer, featuring omg a black Jesus and all. But this book, labelled pornographic, obscene, and other hyperbolic fuckwittery really hit the buttons.

madonna sex

(The nude madonna pictures in the book are hot, heavy, and too numerous to put on this page, so go straight to the C-Zoom Archives for all of them.)

Ms Ciccone continued the fantastic work throughout 1992. As well as more nudity for VanityFair, she appeared topless in Vogue. And with Jean Paul Gaultier in this infamous ‘fashion’ outfit:

madonna topless with gaultier

madonna topless with jean paul gaultier

Yes, Madonna really did make a guest appearance at a high end fashion show and walked topless down the catwalk. Maybe a few celebs would do that now, but this was truly gobsmacking at the time. Madonna was a true A-lister of the absolute highest order, flashing her tits in public completely unexpected made her headline news for weeks. Again.

1993 saw our provocative popster whip off her clothes for movies Dangerous Game and Body of Evidence. Cinemagoers were treated to yet more tits and ass as Madonna struggled to keep from stripping naked and flaunting herself whenever the opportunity arose.

Madonna tits and ass in Dangerous Game
Madonna tits and ass in Dangerous Game
Madonna tits and pussy in Body Of Evidence
Madonna tits and pussy in Body Of Evidence

Madonna Nude 2000s Onwards

In 2014 Madge got her tits out again for the Italian Vogue while aged 56. With a body that still knocked women half her age out of the park she donned fishnets and heels while exposing her seemingly always erect, fat nipples. Being who she is, posing on all fours in the come fuck me position is what Vogue went with.

madonna topless tits 2014

Madge even managed to get in a topless photo for her interview with David Blaine in 2014. Talk about textbook exhibitionist!

Madonna topless David Blaine interview

To this day Madonna nude pictures are regularly posted by the lady herself on her social media, alongside magazine pictorials. That’s 5 decades of nudity from the innovative and inspirational megastar, with no signs of slowing down!


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