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Carice Van Houten Nude [Tits & Pussy Pictures]

Hello and welcome to this fine showcase of Carice van Houten Nude and Sexy pics and videos. You can see on this pic where to hang your coat, so kick back and relax and let’s get started.

This is pretty much nsfw, so you have been forewarned that the following content contains lots of nudity, as Carice is definitely not shy about getting naked!

Enjoy the view, and try not to fap too hard at this stunning milf’s awesome body… scroll down for the pictures of Carice having some good old fashioned nude fun as she flashes her tits and pussy for us.

Carice van Houten Pokies

A dab hand at stripping nude for the cameras, pretty much the whole world has seen Carice naked. Whether it’s topless scenes, showing her pussy as the above picture, or baring her cute ass. Carice also has an impressive pair of nipples that go diamond hard when erect.

Great in nude scenes, and just as good in thin dresses at swanky celebrity gatherings. You don’t get much more brazen at showing everyone your nipples than how Carice pulls off the peanut smuggling in this outfit!

Carice van Houten Tits (Topless Scenes)

The beautiful and versatile Carice van Houten is most famous for HBO hit Game of Thrones. In addition to her role as a mercury-colored red priestess, she also appeared in the Norwegian series Valkyria, based on the popular fantasy series of the same name, and in a number of other television series. In this section we focus on Carice’s lovely bare boobs!

Carice has whipped out her tits around 340 times on screen. Probably. Let’s take a closer inspection of a few more instances of the celeb milf parading her chest puppies.

If you can’t do a nude sex scene with a nazi, who can you do one with. And if you can’t walk around topless and nude in front of tons of extras on a film set, you’ve never lived. Fortunately for Carice, she got naked in public of sorts, in this au naturel crowd scene.

carice van houten nude in public

More naked chests – well, just Carice’s titties but 4 instances. So another 8 boobies to add to the count by our reckoning. There’s no stopping this highly fuckable redhead celeb in her quest to disrobe in every movie she does it seems.

Nude mud wrestling with Carice anyone? Or maybe we’ll just plump straight for the part where we suck on her nipples. Oh and those stocking tops look sexy as fuck as well, damn. And when we’re done with that, Miss van Houten is always A-Ok with some nude tit groping. All in the name of entertaining viewers, of course!

carice van houten nude tit groping

Here’s a list by the way of some of the better known TV shows and movies you can watch Carice van Houten nude in. She has taken her clothes off for other roles as well as the following:

  • Amnesia – 2001
  • Black Book – 2006
  • Komt Een Vrouw Bij De Dokter (also called ‘Stricken’) – 2009
  • The Happy Housewife – 2010
  • Black Butterflies – 2011
  • Game Of Thrones – 2011-2019
  • Intruders – 2012
  • Brimstone – 2017

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And how’s this for a shot of Carice watching you wanking while you do so:

carice van houten nude watching you wank

Who doesn’t love an appreciative smile when you’re stroking your dick to someone. Carice knows every person at a wank party is being looked after. In fact that naughty note probably says ‘will wank while you watch’.

Phew, that’s quite the big display of topless nudity Carice has given us. And we’re not done yet, because here come van Houten’s nudies!

Carice van Houten Nudes

Firstly we’ll get this one out of the way. The more kinky amongst you will enjoy this shot of Carice nude while pregnant. It’s not our bag, but hey, we don’t kink shame here. After that it’s ‘normal’ celebrity nakedness, so just scroll on by if you don’t enjoy milk filled tits.

carice van houten nude pregnant

Showing her nude body has never been a problem for this gorgeous actress. At home fully nude on set and for the watching millions, Carice takes casual nudity in her stride. Reports are that she refuses to wear a merkin modesty cover (fake vagina/pubes basically, that cover an actresses real genitals). That’s dedication. Or naughtiness. We’ll stick with the latter explanation. Meanwhile check out Carice’s bare ass and view of her breasts while she struts naked in the kitchen, like all great women.

Other scenes where Houten goes fully naked are these. We have a nice nude profile showing sideboob and ass on an outdoor decking. Carice also is seen totally naked riding a guy’s cock in a sex scene. And what resume would be complete without a nude embrace!

One last picture of Carice nude in all her glory in this collage. Appearing as nature intended, Carice takes part in yet another sex scene, displaying her completely nude figure while providing us with her tits and ass to admire. If you have ever asked yourself has Carice van Houten been nude – well that’s a resounding yes!

carice van houten nude collage

Carice van Houten Pussy Scene

Like all the Las Vegas lucky 7s rolling in, if you hang on long enough it always appears. Not as clear as say Rosario Dawson’s clean shaven pussy in HD but nevertheless. Carice gives us a full frontal of her pussy, and a cheeky upskirt where she flashes her vagina for the men masturbating. Umm.. for the scene the movie required we mean.

More Carice facts:

Carice van Houten also won the Dutch Oscar for best actress in 2001 for “Undercover Kitty” in which a kitten becomes a girl. At home, she also acted on stage and was voted ‘best Dutch actress of all time’. Not a bad accolade!

Carice Van Houten has also been critically acclaimed in several other Dutch productions, including “Black Book,” for which she received a Golden Calf for Best Actress in 2002 for her portrayal of the battered Queen of Thorns, and “A Song of Ice and Fire”. Carice won awards as well in 2005 for starring in the HBO series “Game of Thrones.” She also received three Golden Calves from the Dutch Academy of Dramatic Arts in 2006, 2007 and 2008, as well as nominations in 2014, 2016 and 2017 for her work. The Black Book won three Golden Calves in 2009, 2010 and 2011, and van Houten won the first of three awards for best actress in a film production.

Van Houton made a huge impression in the first season of “Game of Thrones,” despite being a minor character and absent for much of the show. Then, while planning season 2, the producers asked her again if she would audition for the role of the red priestess Melisandre.

Carice says “I wanted to make sure she was always going to be a complex and complex character and as everyone knows, I thought I was the person to ask.” Van Houten watched other characters on the show grow and evolve, wondering when it would be Melisandre’s turn. Her turn came of course and the rest is TV history.

Looking back on the show, van Houten told of loving playing a character who gets iconic lines and memorable shots, and pointed to the moment Melisandre lit up the trenches in “The Long Night” as one of her favorites. If you look at her role in season eight, it’s easy to see why she’s so positive about the series.

Van Houten attributes the wordless power of her performances to her love of silent movies, and her late father was a film historian who raised her. Van Houten also told interviewers that she never applied for an Emmy nomination, as sometimes reported, but wished she had taken a G-string to the set of Game of Thrones to cover up between scenes. Beats the standard robe we guess! She added that she didn’t know if she would play a significant role in season eight prior to reading the script. While she has to maintain critical distance to do justice to Melisandre, Van Houten has stated she can identify with the devotion of “Game of the Thrones” geeks, and their various wiki & fandom sites.

The actress has said that despite her role as Melisandre in the final season of the show, she was able to distance herself from the negativity. This is understandable, because van Houten, like some leading actors, still feels the sting of criticism. Indeed, she even defended it against its critics, telling media: “It’s inevitable that there are those who don’t like the end of the show.” Van Houten has been compared to the likes of Jennifer Lawrence and Robin Wright in her portrayal of Melisandre. How accurate this is is up for debate.

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