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Rosario Dawson Nude [With Bonus Shaved Pussy Full Frontal!]

With perfect big milf tits and Hollywood’s most famous celebrity pussy lips thanks to THAT nude scene, Rosario Dawson naked is a sight to behold, as these pics and videos show!

The sexy Rosario has starred in such films as 7 pounds, Trance, Sin City, and Men in Black 2, as well as roles in many other films. The ones WE are interested in of course are where she stripped nude, so with the usual factoids and trivia, let’s get to the good stuff.

The further down the page, the more naked Rosario gets, and is where the full frontal pussy video clip is – so if you aren’t over 18, you have been fairly warned!

Never afraid to do sex scenes, or disrobe ‘when the role requires it’, the part Ebony, part Latina (Puerto Rican) filmstar has one hell of a body so small wonder Rosario is comfortable taking off her clothes.

Rosario Dawson’s Big Tits

rosario dawson sexy cleavage big tits

This awesome daring and revealing dress worn by the braless Rosario gives a mouth watering view of her chest puppies while allowing the actress to pretend it’s just normal attire. Not that we have any complaints. Worn at a gala event in Cannes, these are from 2014. Dawson parades her sizeable tits in a deep cut see through outfit. Perfect to show cleavage and sideboob. Also check out those nipples playing I-Spy pokies on stage. We also get an interesting glimpse of how Rosario looks with a cock in her hand leaning over to give a blowjob in the last of these 3 pics!

rosario dawson sideboob sexy big tits

Rosario put on quite the eye candy offering as she flashed her cleavage along with plenty of sideboob. You can’t beat a woman who knows how to use what Mother Nature gave her.

Lovely shot here of Rosario’s big and full breats spilling out over a slip of some sort or another. Man unleashing those bazookas is up there in my top 10 celebrity wishes.

rosario dawson cleavage sexy

While we’re on the subject of her heaving titties, she played prostitute and dominatrix Gail in the adaptation of the graphic novel “Sin City” and looked hot as fuck whilst doing it. From the original movie in 2005:

Deciding that her tits weren’t displayed enough, for the sequel we got even more of a view of her gigantic cleavage. Rosario even told director Robert Rodriguez to hurry up with the second installment as she ‘wasn’t getting any younger’ and needed to make sure she could ‘wear the outfit that fits into one hand’. And wear it she did, just have a look at this cock hardening image of Rosario in a tight basque!

rosario dawson sexy cleavage sin city

Alas Ros didn’t appear nude in this one, but she fills and spills that sexy costume like a champ.

With shapely legs as well as a Hall of Fame top half, Rosario has the whole package. Behold these perfect pins!

rosario dawson sexy legs

rosario dawson sexy thigh high

Btw, did you know Rosario Dawson starred in The Mandalorian? Rosario played what was a surprise to many, recurring role in season 2 of the show. Dawson took on the character of Ahsoka Tano. It’s not a show we watch, so we can’t go into more details except to say we’ve checked, and Rosario going naked doesn’t happen. Bummer! Her big tits are kept under wraps throughout, so we’ll skip that. No tits = terrible show! Instead we’ll move onto the pictures below that display Rosario’s fine heaving breasts. When you have big boobs like Ms Dawson, it’s hard to conceal them. For proof just look at half naked Rosario in a bikini that struggles to contain her chest cannons. While not forgetting to look at that nice thick ass of course!

rosario dawson downblouse

To finish up this part all about Rosario Dawson’s big tits, we’ll leave these nipple pokies as we move to the next section and take a look at her naked pics.

rosario dawson nipples pokies

You just can’t whack a nice bit of celebrity peanut smuggling!

rosario dawson see through pokies

Rosario Dawson Nude Pictures

rosario dawson naked

The first time we saw Rosario Dawson in nude action was back in 1998, for movie ‘He Got Game’. Some lucky dude gets to have a good grope of the actresses’ 32B (yeah we can’t understand that part either) breasts during a love scene. As for Rosario’s 32B cup size, it’s something to do with whatever magic is used to calculate how big tits are. So it sounds small to us guys who hear ’38DD!’ in our youth, but has fuck all to do with what they look like.

rosario dawson naked tits

Rosario is no slouch in the boobies department, so hell knows what the criteria are. For what it’s worth, she sports a 35-26-35 nude figure. Which is the mathematical formula for ‘jerk off to Rosario’s tits and pussy, if our memory serves right.

rosario dawson nude

The next time we clocked the busty babe strip naked was in 2004 for ‘Alexander’. This acting role saw Rosario going fully nude to break her pussy showing virginity as it were. Albeit bush not vulva, Dawson gamely went au naturel and as well as these nekkid pics, you can watch the video clip below. Rosario’s monster mammaries swing around like a couple of basketballs as she cavorts robeless on a bed with her co-star.

rosario dawson nude tits

The creme de la creme of movie nudity took place in 2014 with the release of ‘Trance’. In the infamous scene, Rosario strolls 100% nude, shaved pussy showing of her lower lady lips, to the onlooking James McAvoy. Who got paid to leer at Rosario Dawson’s nude shaved pussy. There is truly no justice in this world.

rosario dawson nude pussy

You can also see that nude walk and Rosario’s pussy in detail in the video clip section below.

Rosario Dawson Nude Pussy Full Frontal Video

And.. here are the Rosario Dawson nude videos, with Rosario’s shaved pussy lips proudly on display!

Rosario Dawson Nude in ‘Alexander’ with her tits bouncing all over the place:

Rosario Dawson nude pussy full frontal video clip from ‘Trance’:

For completeness’ sake, here’s a link to the wonderful woman’s movie database page: Rosario’s imdb

And just because, here’s that Rosario Dawson nude bonus shaved pussy picture again…

rosario dawson nude full frontal pussy

What a doll Rosario Dawson nude is, the cheeky minx even joins in with today’s craze of sending nude snaps to partners. We can’t show them here but don’t worry, you can see the leaked images at our partner site C-ZOOM (*strictly* for adults only!). Click the underlined link, or the image link here:

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