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Jennifer Lawrence Nude Pictures and Videos

Jennifer Lawrence is a firm favorite amongst fans of nude celebrities and for good reason. The Hollywood A-list actress is blessed with good looks and an athletic body with added curves in all the right places. Here we take a look at her naked pictures and videos along with Jennifer’s sexiest outfits showing plenty of cleavage as well as her shapely legs. If you thought she looked fuckable in American Hustle, you should see her with no clothes on in the shower. God damn she looks good in nothing but dripping water!

Jennifer granted the wish of red-blooded men and the so-inclined women everywhere in 2018 by going fully nude in spy film Red Sparrow. More than once.

Jen, or J-Law as she is sometimes referred to, has always been game for flashing her cleavage. This was the first time she bared all in a movie though. It was well worth the wait!

Stripping naked and baring her tits and ass, Jennifer even gave a tiny glimpse of her pussy for those who have the patience to freeze-frame (that’d be us, as you’ll see below). As well as the picture stills alongside the nekkid clips from that flick, we also take a look at her other nude pictures and videos.

So if you are over 18, and want to see Jennifer Lawrence in all her nude glory, you may continue!

One of Hollywood’s sexiest celebs, here we celebrate Jennifer Lawrence nude and sexy. Get yourself comfy as she is a beauty! These nude pics and naked videos display J Law’s perfect breasts and erect nipples, so let’s get started with the goodies. These get progressively naughtier as we start with the sexy and end with the nude.

Make sure to scroll down all the way and you’ll see her fully naked exposing herself with no clothes on.

  • Jennifer is also known as J-Law by fans.
  • The sometimes blonde, sometimes brunette actress first stripped naked for Hollywood in 2018.
  • Jennifer was one of the celebs involved in the nude leak scandal in 2014
  • In 2012 Jennifer won the very weird Victoria’s Secret award of ‘Sexiest Eyes’

Jennifer’s Cleavage and Nipple Pokies

Jennifer has pretty decent tits on her, which we’ll see her whip unashamedly out further down. Everyone loves a nice cleavage though, so here’s Jen with her chest puppies stacked and pushed up and out. She also flashes the flesh by going out braless. And of course the paparazzi flashbulbs turn her top see through!

The above pictures showing J-Law’s nude breasts are from the GLAAD awards in 2016. The pictures below show Jennifer in another sheer outfit from the same year, this time at CinemaCon for her movie Passengers. Obviously the actress had a tit flashing theme that year, which of course we love to see.

When she isn’t flashing her boobs in see through and sheer clothes, Jennifer switches things up by still going out without a bra, but in thinner material so her nipples give us some generous pokies to gawp over.

Jennifer played Mystique in a few of the X-Men films, her first appearance being in X-Men: First Class. She revealed in an interview she was completely nude aside from the obvious bodypaint. She also said how she ended up making the crew more uncomfortable than she was, even though she was the naked person. Apparently Lawrence ended up so comfortable that she couldn’t be bothered to put her robe back on between scenes, as it was too hot. She has starred in numerous blockbusters and her career has seen her star in films such as Hunger Games, American Hustle, Red Sparrow, alongside numerous other acting credits and those X-Men flicks.

Jennifer Lawrence Nudes

J-Law’s debut nude acting role came while portraying a badass Russian spy in Red Sparrow, and that’s where we kick things off. Jennifer’s nude leaks a few years prior left her understandably upset. This was her chance to go nude on her own terms. Jennifer has stated it was liberating for her, and a way to reclaim her body in a way, and add a small part of closure to her public ordeal. Good for Jennifer! She also looks out of this world in a daring low cut swimsuit that show off her cleavage and sideboob.

We then get to see what Jennifer looks like out of the pool outfit, as she takes a shower – naked, naturally – then gets involved in a nude fight. Shame she used a weapon and they didn’t just go for some naked oil wrestling.

jennifer lawrence nude 006

And here’s the video of those nude screencaps, with Jennifers big firm tits having a lovely bouncing action to them.

jennifer lawrence naked in shower

Then we see her get her revenge of sorts on the same guy by humiliating him in a spy classroom where they teach the females how to use their bodies on the job. Jennifer strips nude in front of the whole class and belittles the dude when he fails to get an erection with everyone watching (video after pics).

Close up of the glimpse of Jennifer Lawrence’s pussy we promised earlier.

jennifer lawrence nude pussy

And the awesome video of what’s basically a Jennifer Lawrence nude striptease. Not as flamboyant as some we’ve seen, but it’ll more than suffice!

jennifer lawrence strips naked

Quite the way to claim back your agency. The extremely talented actress talks about shooting those nude scenes here in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres.

jennifer lawrence interview about nude scenes

More J-Law trivia:

  • Lawrence was given her breakthrough role when cast as Katniss Everdeen in the 2012 Hunger Games film adaptation.
  • Lawrence won a Golden Globe for her portrayal of Joy Mangano in 2016 biopic Joy. Jennifer has 4 Golden Globes in total.
  • She won the Oscar for best actress for “Silver Linings Playbook” (2012) at the amazing age of 22.

We can’t go without mentioning: In the infamous ‘fappening’ scandal, a big bunch of Jennifer Lawrence nude pictures were hacked and subsequently leaked on the internet. Jennifer was extremely upset by this breach of privacy. We agree with her on this. Not everyone is the same, and while for example Kaley Cuoco, amongst others, was pretty blase about the whole thing, everybody is different. Obviously.

Anyway, you can see J-Law’s other nudes (including those fappening ones that we won’t put on CelebMeat out of respecting the various women who had their private snaps shared online. We may not agree, but we also aren’t stupid enough not to know they’re posted) here:


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