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Olesya Yurivna Rulina (Russian: Olesia Iurevna Pulina; born on 17 March 1986) is a Russian-American actress. She is best known for her co-starring role in three films in the High School Musical franchise with Kelsi Nielsen. She appeared in Private Valentine, Blonde and Dangerous (2008), Fly (2009), Expecting Mary (2010) and Family Weekend (2013).

Let’s check out celebrity beauty Olesya in her nude glory, just scroll down to see her get progressively naked!

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You may know the beautiful Olesya Rulin from movies like the High School Musical franchise, but you may not realise the beautiful babe has posed nude on more than a few occasions. And we have the pictures to prove it!

  • Olesya Rulin nude is a surprisingly low searched for term on Google
  • As well as movies, Olesya has done many TV shows
  • These include NCIS: Los Angeles, SEAL Team, and as a voice actress in Family Guy

Here’s one of her quotes, allegedly:
‘I won the game because I didn’t know the rules. But I learned the rules and played the game the way I wanted to. From a young age I knew that I had to learn to play by the rules, because as a professional you have to break the rules to be an artist.’ If you can make sense of all that, kudos, because all it did was make us go look if she was a natural blond.

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Here she is on English – which makes her previous quote all the more baffling:
Compared to Russian, it is such a simple language. Every time I go home, I’m overwhelmed by how far I’ve come in a year, and suddenly I don’t have any new slang. Even if I was not born in Russia, I will never be able to do so.

If you ask us, there’s a bit of Chinese whispers going on with that supposed quote. Which doesn’t detract from her naked beauty, so onwards we go.

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Rulin moved with her family to the United States and first trained as a ballet dancer and won a modelling competition. She worked as a certified nursing assistant for 12 months. When High School Musical came out Olesya was still working at Nordstrom. Olesya also worked at a Victoria’s Secret store when obviously she should have been one of their models!

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olesya rulin naked

Speaking of Olesya’s ethnicity, she is both American and Russian and spent her formative years in Likhoslavl. She emigrated with her family to the United States and spent her early years in Texas and Utah. Olesya was a student at West Jordan.

Olesya knows how to tease in her nude pictures as well. Here she is fully naked doing the old ‘preserve your modesty’ trick. Which hides almost nothing at all. In fact it’s probably just a ruse to give Olesya the chance to caress her own nipples and pussy.

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She also likes flowers! Well, what girl doesn’t – though most women put them in a vase, rather than use them as a prop while they have their tits out, but each to their own…

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And what Olesya Rulin Nude entry would be complete without this lovely picture of her and some dude while she exposes her breasts for us all. What a heart-warming moment!

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