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Joan Collins Nude Bonanza [Remastered Pics & Videos!]

Legendary British actress Joan Collins was a global name in the 70s and 80s who ‘broke media’ when she agreed to do nude scenes. Her stature made it all the more shocking at the time to see Joan agree to nudity but partake she did, multiple times!

The English national treasure has been married a whopping 5 times. Here we take a bonanza look at what some of her former husbands were lucky enough to see in real life in these remastered and recolored naked pics and videos.

Nude in ‘The Stud’

joan collins nude in the stud

Joan starred in movie The Stud, written by her real life sister Jackie Collins. Jackie was a best-selling author famous for writing dirty books for women. If the film stayed true to the book it would have been a porno! Toned down a bit but with nudity aplenty, Joan bared all throughout.

Joan Collins nude in The Stud
Joan Collins nude in The Stud

The images above and below are from the infamous pool orgy scene. Joan later stated she got drunk for it, and this enabled her to “do things I wouldn’t normally do for the camera”. Released in 1978, Joan was 45 at the time. Looking fit as fuck in her mid-forties, it’s easy to see why so many men lusted over her in her heyday.

Collins was having a whale of a time as we can tell by the smiles. Meanwhile that water made Joan’s nipples hard and erect, making sure there was just as many smiles (and erections!) from the male audience.

Other highlights include seeing Joanie’s bare ass while she gets a massage.

joan collins nude ass

Those mature celebrity butt cheeks make another appearance when revealing she has decided to ditch her dress and arrive ready for action at the stud’s apartment.

joan collins ass

Who doesn’t love it when their date for the evening shows you what she isn’t wearing under her coat, while in the back seat of a taxi. Joan displays killer toned abs that put 20 year old women to shame, let alone in your forties. Outstanding!

joan collins nude under fur coat


Nude in ‘The Bitch’

The Stud was such a success that the follow up – much like Joan’s male fans who saw her with no clothes on – came quickly. 1979 saw the release of subsequent book to film adaptation The Bitch, once again with Joan in the starring role. Far more used to disrobing, and possibly flushed with a nice ego boost after her last outing, Collins repeatedly showed off her tits on the silver screen.

joan collins naked in the bathtub showing boobs

The memorable naked bath with soapy boobs scene above was a highlight, as was watching Joanie remove her basque to display her breasts in nothing else more than stockings, suspenders, and heels.

joan collins flaunting her bare breasts
Joan Collins flaunting her bare breasts

Throw in a shower scene where we see her bare ass, add a sprinkle of nice hanging tits while in bed with yet another lover. Voila, a movie that appealed to the fairly new sexually liberal women at the time plus giving all the men some celebrity skin to gawp over. The old cliche about males being easy to please is absolutely true. Here are some nudie pictures from the flick to accompany those videos and keep the vibe going.

Trivia: Jackie’s book have sold over 400 million copies to date. Meanwhile Joan got her star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame in 1983, and was made a dame in her native England in 2015. Notably, this was for her charitable services, rather than her acting ones.

Topless in Alfie Darling

A lesser known fact is that in 1975 Joan went nude in Alfie Darling, a British sex comedy dressed in a thin veneer of drama. And we do mean thin. This movie also featured nudity from two of Britain’s treasured actresses. Vicki Michelle, and Rula Lenska both appeared topless, with Vivki doing so during the opening credits so no time-wasting there! Rula got fingered while waiting on a table in an English cafe, then bared her boobs in bed. In the interests of looking at more tits, here are both those cameos:

Vicki went on to star in 80s comedy series ‘Allo ‘Allo, and Rula Lenska – well, all we know is she ended up being Dennis Waterman’s wife for a while. Maybe still is. The public of Great Britain hold her in high regard though, and she is an accomplished actress. Here she is with her chest puppies out.

Anyhoo… back to Joan’s clothesless appearances! First up she treats us to a bit of running around in her underwear showing off that marvelous toned body of hers. A bit of teasing in a see through bra is next. She then lies on a bed showing us her O face as she gets her pussy licked, though we don’t see any goodies. Then Joan nude from the waist up after sex with her naked boobs in full view.

Considering Joan is aged 42 in the above unclothed pics she looks out of this world. It must have been great to have been one of the lucky men who could say they’d fucked Joan Collins back in her older woman prime!

for over 18 years only

Other Joan Collins Nude Appearances

1978 was a good year for Joan’s fans, as she also went au naturel in Poliziotto Senza Paura which was an Italian release. This is the movie we got to see Joan’s hairy pussy as she disrobed to reveal a full bush covered in see through panties. Also on display was a full length nude shot of Joan, albeit a side view.

Playing a stripper, Joan did a striptease routine and went topless, exposing her breasts.

Quite the birthday suit collection, and you can see even more of the lovely lady (and thousands of other celebs bare assed and even in their sextapes!) including her naked Playboy shoot in all it’s wonderful glory at our sister site C-Zoom – for over 18s ONLY!. Let us know if you’ve ever had a wank over Joan in the comments below – she’s bound to read them and be flattered!


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