ingrid bolso berdal nude

Ingrid Bolso Berdal Nude Full Frontal Fun

This hard bodied Norwegian actress had everyone frantically googling her name when she made her first naked appearance in hit TV show Westworld, from HBO.

Those searches revealed the blonde stunner as Ingrid Bolso Berdal in the full frontal nude scenes that left viewers goggle-eyed. Another one of those celebs that you aren’t sure if you want to watch her fight or fuck (see also these nude MMA girls) but either way you want to see more of them with no clothes on.

Aged 36 at the time of her on screen nudity, Ingrid was at the height of her fitness and body tone, and man she looks fucking delicious. Playing a warrior-type outlaw not to mess with, complete with huge tattoos for extra don’t fuck with me vibes. Bolso Berdal is an accomplished actress, having appeared or starred in over 40 movies and TV shows.

The full list of her credits can be seen on Berdal’s IMDB page, though Westworld is the only production in which Ingrid stripped off her clothes. It was a doozy of a role though, with prolonged nudity from Ingrid (and most of the other female cast as well). Let’s take a good look at Ingrid’s nude videos and pictures!

Topless In The River

What do you do when you are sauntering along a river and you see a hot topless blonde in the water? Well if you’ve any sense you stay and watch as the woman washes her titties clean of course. Check out Ingrid not giving a fuck while showing off that insanely superb body of hers.

ingrid bolso berdal topless bathing in river video Ingrid Bolso Berdal Topless In The River

And because we need to see Ingrid’s sweet breasts in better detail here are the topless pictures.

Nude Examination

As one of the robots in Westworld, Ingrid has a nude examination and maintenance service. Bolso Berdal sits on a chair completely undressed, with her out of this world naked body exposed for us to gawp at. I mean take in as part of the storyline. According to wikipedia and other sources, Ingrid is single. There’s no info on past partners or marriage, which means she likely keeps her love life to casual sex, or friends with benefits arrangements. Good for her, and fantastic for anyone lucky enough to have sex with the Nordic milf. Because we can only imagine what an Ingrid Bolso Berdal sex tape would be like – and it’s pretty damn excellent the way we picture it. Anyway, here’s Ingrid looking sexy as fuck as she sits there in her birthday suit opposite one hell of a lucky actor.

ingrid bolso berdal naked examination
Ingrid Bolso Berdal Naked Examination

Screenshots of those perfect tits and legs for posterity:

The last shot of Ingrid nude with her mouth open is a pretty erotic pose that wouldn’t look out of place in a nudie mag – maybe she recreates it on some of the future leaked sextapes we hope transpire!

Ingrid Bolso Berdal Nude Full Frontal Video

Get your wanking tackle out because here’s the lovely Ingrid full frontal nude scene baring her tits and pussy we’ve been waiting for. Berdal’s character has a moment of awareness, and decides to fuck up the technicians working on her. We’ve cut the more violent parts out, so enjoy watching Bolso give a boner inducing display of her delectable body as she goes fully nude for this fight scene. The girl doesn’t have an ounce of fat on her, and also has some impressive moves. Made all the better for having disrobed for the action of course.

ingrid bolso berdal nude tits and pussy full frontal
Ingrid Bolso Berdal nude tits and pussy full frontal

We see Ingrid in full length nude shots both close up and from a further view as she cavorts naked in the background. Ok she’s beating up the white coat dude, but same difference.

ingrid bolso berdal full frontal nude tits and pussy
Ingrid Bolso Berdal full frontal nude tits and pussy

Ingrid is an absolute fucking bombshell in our view. Throw in the fact she is comfortable in brazen nudity and the wow factor jumps up several notches. Withous a doubt Berdal is on our top rated nude celebrities – is she in yours?

for over 18 years only

We wouldn’t mind seeing Bolso Berdal having a nude catfight with these following celebs either. She’d probably win, but frankly, if they are having a naked tussle, we all kind of do.

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