Britney Spears Nude Beach Video

Whoa, Britney Spears has a nip slip in a nude video she uploaded to her instagram as she forgot to cover her boobs with a sticker! Britney is hardly a withering flower when it comes to nudity, and has hit the headlines multiple times for posing naked movies to her social media. The star usually gets past the censors by placing strategic emojis over her bare private parts, but this time one slipped through. It happens just as Spears is rolling over in the sand while topless on a tropical beach somewhere. Here is the video, and the screenshots are on the main page here: It’s almost a dead cert that she knew exactly what she was doing and tried to squeeze the clip in. Well, it worked. Let’s not forget she has plenty of previous for exhibitionism, not least the madcap era when she couldn’t stop flashing her pussy to the paparazzi. Good for her, we say!