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Tricia Helfer Nude – Supermodel Goes Full Frontal!

Stunning model turned actress Tricia Helfer is the subject here, and this mature slash milf celebrity doesn’t disappoint. Never afraid to go nude, Tricia gets naked at the drop of a hat. Famed for her legs, Tricia also has an awesome set of tits. And being Gen-X, Helfer has zero qualms about whipping her boobs out as required, not to mention going full frontal for the cherry on top.

Legtastic Tricia hung up her modelling boots in 2002 to focus on acting. She’s almost certainly appeared in a show or movie you’ve seen, and often plays the alluring sexy older woman that everyone both on-screen and at home wants to fuck.

  • Tricia has featured in Battlestar Galactica, Lucifer, and Two and A Half Men, amongst others.
  • Helfer won Ford Models 1992 Supermodel of the World contest, aged 18 years old
  • Social media accounts for Tricia are: Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), and Facebook.
  • Tricia has 95 acting credits, a full list of which can be seen on her Imdb entry.

Tricia Helfer Topless Photos

An experienced hand at showing her tits, Tricia’s breasts get plenty of outings. She is rumored to have had a boob job. It does look like some work has been done on her funbags. Here’s the research – click to enlarge for a closer inspection.

Tricia’s tits in the first image look lovely covered in cum don’t they 😜 Ok maybe it’s water and not jizz, either way they look great. And Tricia has had plenty of cum on her tits over the years. Hey, no judgement just a fact πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ Check out the following peak 90s pictures where Tricia parades topless flashing her tits for us, and don’t forget to aim for her nipples during target practice!

Tricia Helfer Nude Pictures

More nudity from Tricia here. She shows off that million dollar body while managing to ‘preserve her modesty’. Which is code for: she didn’t flash her pussy. Tricia, who stars in Battlestar Galactica, and Lucifer, has been a knockout babe throughout her career. Now pushing 50 (48 at time of writing), Ms Helfer still has a figure to make all the women envious. Shitloads of money, personal trainers, and good genes play a large part. But she also works hard to sustain her curves (and toned areas!).

First up we get an arty black & white full length look at Tricia’s heavenly naked body. Breasts proudly jutting out as she holds her arms aloft, this really shows off Helfer’s physique while au naturel. In the next picture we see Tricia clearly has a completely shaved pussy. Unbelievably Tricia is 40 years old here. Tell me that isn’t one of the finest bodies for that age you’ve ever seen! Here she is cock teasing us with just a whisker of fabric saving her from showing us her pussy lips 😍

As with almost all supermodels, Tricia’s boobs are modest in size, but still big enough to motorboat and jizz over. In that order, preferably. The last picture in the row sees Tricia fully nude once again, with her chest puppies in a great ‘hangers’ position. Perfect to reach from behind and cup her tits! Like the old saying goes, a handful of tits a day keeps the doctor away.

Tricia Helfer Nude Full Frontal

Slightly upsetting that Tricia’s pussy is covered by her hand, but ah well. You can still see the wisps of her blonde pussy peeking through the top of her finger mask. Woulda been lovely to see her actual pussy lips though!

Tricia Helfer Quick Bio

  • Tricia’s birthday is 11 April, 1974
  • Tricia was born in Canada
  • Her full name is Tricia Janine Helfer
  • Tricia is 1.79m tall, or 5 feet 10 inches
  • Tricia’s vital statistics are 34B-24-35

As you can see, she is quite tall, as a lot of models are. Add in a pair of heels and the leggy lovely stands over 6 feet. And what better way to show that than by the awesome full frontal nudity Tricia gives us above.

We’ve time and space for one last photo of the supermodel in her nude days, so here it is.

tricia helfer nude

Hopefully you have enjoyed all the Tricia Helfer nude pictures here at CelebMeat – there are even more below at our sister site C-Zoom among the thousands upon thousands of nudes and home sex videos of the stars:

tricia helfer

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