Morena Baccarin Nude in Homeland – HQ Video

Pretty much the only good thing about Homeland is the fact Morena Baccarin gets nude during the show. Morena has a lovely set of boobs on her to go with her fantastic body, and as we say, it’s the series’ redeeming quality. Here’s Baccarin in one of the sex scenes which has her baring her breasts for no particular reason other than to (probably) take the focus away from the terrible writing. We’re likely being a little too harsh on the writers, after all art is subjective and all that. Still, they DID make sure Morena features naked so they get bonus points for that. If you enjoyed the show good for you, but as far as CelebMeat is concerned, you could have put Morena’s nudity on loop for the 59 seasons or whatever it was, and it woulda been better. Speaking of which, here’s a hq video clip of Baccarin’s boobies.