Miley Cyrus Uncensored Nude Music Video

This is the uncensored video for Wrecking Ball that sees Miley Cyrus fully nude showing her uncovered tits and ass. Miley has an outstanding body so it’s no wonder she is at ease getting naked for the camera. Granted you need the mindset to strip off in the first place, which Cyrus clearly has. Having a perfect body goes a long way too though, and as we can see, Miley has fantastic sexy legs, a typically cute ass for a white girl, and while her boobs may not satisfy those who prefer big breasts there’s no denying they are perky and firm. Plenty good enough for a handful, and to fire your jizz over as well.

This version never made it to MTV and once you take a look you’ll understand why! There’s no coyness and shadows and brief millisecond glimpses here. Nope, none of that nonsense for Miley, she goes for the proverbial jugular by making the nudity very blatant, along with the obvious sexual imagery to go with it. Even Madonna’s nude antics weren’t as in your face as Miley’s, and it’s clear that the OG Queen of Pop has hugely influenced Cyrus when it comes to embracing and sharing her sexuality.