deborah ann woll sexy lingerie

Deborah Ann Woll Sexy In Lingerie

Tasty redhead Deborah Ann Woll is a Marvel Universe girl, and my oh my doesn’t she look a treat kitted out in these different lingerie outfits! Dressed to kill in more ways than one as vampire Jessica Hamby in TV show True Blood, Deborah thrills in a red basque and stockings in the featured image above.

Here we take a look at some of her other sexy lingerie pictures. Although not blessed by the good lord with what anyone would call big tits, Ms Ann Woll has a pretty perky pair of breasts, and like all celebrities, and indeed women in general, knows how to make the most of bras and underwear to flaunt what they *have* got ๐Ÿ˜

deborah ann woll nude for over 18s only

Red hair flowing in the artificial wind, a bunch of fake roses (probably), and black leather latex pvc or whatever the hell material it is gloves are whoever’s this photographer is idea of the ‘setting’. Good for them. What we are far more impressed with is the choice of a see through lace bra skimpy top thing, suspender belt, what look suspiciously like see through panties (is that Deborah Ann Woll’s pussy we see there on enlarging and zooming in – we think so!), and stockings as this ginger minx’s attire for the day…

deborah ann woll sexy lingerie 001

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Ah, the classic bra and panties matching set… for when a slut wants to appear wholesome. And who can blame them – sometimes demure is a sex fantasy in itself, and there’s plenty of girls who like to play the innocent, and then turn into lust crazed nude harlots once they slip the underwear off. Fair play!

deborah ann woll sexy lingerie 002

for over 18 years only

Check out the pins on Deborah in black sheer pantyhose – she is 1.78m which is 5 feet 10 inches in foreign money, or vice versa depending on where you are wanking reading from at the moment. In other words she has some long, long legs which are good for not only walking, but for wrapping around my neck/head as I’m sliding my cock into her most likely shaved pussy. She can keep those stiletto heels on too, while she’s at it.

deborah ann woll sexy lingerie 003

deborah ann woll sexy lingerie 004

for over 18 years only

Holy christ those are a quartet of big titted celebrities above. I had to take a break from typing then as I ‘investigated’ them a bit more closely ๐Ÿ˜œ Ok… back to this article!

Here’s the demure bra again, note the coquettish ‘hand smooths hair back while I glance over at your erection oh was it me who made you hard’ pose Deborah is sporting here. Come on girl, we went over this demure trick above, but ok a closer look at your bra while you are wearing it is fine by us.

deborah ann woll sexy lingerie 005

Now we’re talking. Flat stomach – check. Sheer panties – check. Lacy bra – check. And oh ho, in with a sneaky appearance is some decent cleavage, with Ann Woll’s tits pushed nicely together, and up, and every guy’s top 5 poses: opening your shirt, jacket, coat, dress, or whatever else it is you have on in the world famous flasher’s stance. If ever a gesture screamed at the top of it’s non-existent lungs, Hey!! Look at THIS!!!! then the flashing maneuver is that movement. Like a thumbs up means yes, and a women with her middle digit raised and aimed at you as you shout out ‘nice tits’ means I’d love you to finger me, the old open your coat and thrust out your hips is a universal symbol.

deborah ann woll sexy lingerie 006

Well, quite the gal is our Debbie, so thanks for the sexy lingerie pics, and just for good measure here is another of her in the red basque and stockings & suspenders. Just be careful with those fangs while you slurp on some dick you little devil you!

deborah ann woll sexy lingerie 007

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