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Abigail Breslin Nude

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Welcome to Abigail Breslin nude, where you can find pics and videos of her naked appearances on and off screen. This celebrity babe is a talent in her field, and fame doesn’t come much bigger than making it in Hollywood. Speaking of big, Abigail boobs are usually stated as 34C. Which surely can’t be correct, she has a massive pair of bazookas on her. We’ll go with that bra size anyway, what with not being able to check for ourselves in person. You can take your own guess at Abigail’s chest weapons by weighing up the evidence below.


For now though let’s take a good long look at her heavy breasts, and find out a few facts, along with some quotes and musings from the big breasted lady herself.

abigail breslin sexy

Abigail Breslin was born on January 1, 1990 in New York City, New Jersey, USA and is widely known for her critically acclaimed Little Miss Sunshine, which caused a sensation at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival. She played an ambitious character who was fanatically keen to win a beauty contest and was awarded the prize for best actress at the Tokyo International Film Festival. She also became ShoWest’s female star of tomorrow in 2008 and made her Broadway debut in 2010, and was nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series and Best Actor for her role in the Broadway production of the same name.

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Breslin was named the eighth most successful young actress in the US, earning $1.5 million in 2006 and $2.2 million in her second year.Not a bad pay packet!

A role in “Nims Island” followed in 2008, but the film was a critical failure and a box office hit. Although it received mixed reviews, it performed very well in theaters, and Breslin was often singled out as his only saving grace.

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We’re sure Abigail’s big natural tits played no part at all in any of her success. Which is probably true, though we’d bet on a lot of her male fans taking her breasts into consideration.

Breslin’s time with the Zombieland franchise (she appeared in both movies) was fruitful, as were appearances in other films. She has shown she is a great addition to an ensemble and can also lead a movie no problem.

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Abigail Breslin Nudes

Abigail really does have a fantastic pair of boobs on her. As for nude roles, she hasn’t done any as yet. Her appearances on various red carpet events in revealing outfits that show off her body are decent compensation though.

abigail breslin big cleavage

Abigail knows you can’t beat a cleavage to attract the paparazzi. Like women everywhere, Ms Breslin uses what mother nature gave her to great effect.

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We aren’t saying this is what it would look like during an Abigail Breslin blowjob, but if your imagination just took you there, well, who are we to judge.

abigail breslin big tits

As for the more revealing than usual top from Abigail that displays her ample chest, it’s a thunbs up all round.

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Which brings us nicely onto a few more Abigail Breslin tit pics. They are covered (barely) but it’s easy to see why fans of big tit celebs are so keen on her.

abigail breslin sexy tits

Our fave is the leftmost photo, showcasing how those nude boobs would look. The old push and lift maneuver always works a treat.

abigail breslin nude

The only known Abigail Breslin nude picture above. Her big tits are unleashed on vacation, where she was snapped by some European tabloid photographer, and duly published in their magazine. A fine naked figure indeed! Let’s also not forget the good lady is an accomplished and very gifted actress. By all accounts Breslin is a GREAT person to be around as well. So talent, personalitits personality, a pretty face, bit tits and a smoking nude body. If that isn’t the full package your expectations may need checking!

Abigail Breslins’s Big Tits & Cleavage

Holy Moly look at the size of those chest puppies on celebrity big tits chick Abigail Breslin… absolutely zero explanation is needed as to why we are going to get stuck in and examine those beautiful boobs so lets get this show on the road…


Abigail Breslin Big Tit Pictures

abigail breslin big cleavage tits

Quite the thrifty girl, look how she turns this outfit from a sideboob show into a full blown mountain range made of boobs. It’s possible they are in fact different outfits, and merely the same color, but she is so wholesome that we are sticking with our first wild guess…

abigail breslin big tits revealing cleavage

A quick shift on your slut heels and hey presto, it now displays Abigail’s big natural tits from the side. Who wouldn’t want to show off when you have some twin peaks like that 😍

abigail breslin sideboob

Sideboob and eye contact – we like your style!

abigail breslin sideboob cleavage

Making many a girl jealous, and many a man drool, Ms Breslin is definitely on the A-list of busty cleavage celebrities:

abigail breslin busty cleavage

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Come on, you could fucking ski down that slope! Or our preferred sport, which is of course aiming jizz into cleavage. We need to work on the official title, but it’s a sport most of us have taken part in, with varying degrees of prowess. Practice makes perfect, and all that jazz.

abigail breslin cleavage tits

Braless pokies time in this offering, and her nipples don’t even look like they are erect. You have to wonder how much better this event would have been if they set the air-con on to maximum to tease those juicy nipples out abit more

abigail breslin braless pokies

Such a giving person, shifting to the side to give us a good look at her peanut smuggling skills. Thanks babe, and we are only staring for research purposes – honest!

abigail breslin pokies

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Ok so THIS is what you call a cleavage. My oh my, how the hell could anyone legit only look at her face while she is wearing this, it just wouldn’t be possible! Look at them, go on, look!! Safe to say that with a set of tits like those, and wearing an outfit like that, that she probably doesn’t mind you having a peek or several 🧐

abigail breslin cleavage

Arms behind your back, switch on the smile, stand up straight, and this is what you get: Abigail Breslin’s Big Tits Cleavage in all it’s wondrous beauty. Behold those magnificent boobies, and for the love of all things mammary, be sure to see the full library of this ‘celebrity but girl next door’ revealing more chest than a chest revealing world champion:


abigail breslin big boobs cleavage

Thanks for the mammaries Abigail (yeah we know, but how can we not use that line here!!)

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