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Bianca Gascoigne Nude – All Her Naked Pictures!

Bianca may well only have achieved fame at the beginning thanks to her superstar soccer dad Paul Gascoigne, but she hits the goal and then some in these Bianca Gascoigne nude pictures that show her own twin strikers!

The UK babe has her former-model mom Sheryl to thank for her beauty. Along with Paul’s genes as a prankster and rebel, that’s probably why Bianca embraced getting her tits out and showing off her nude body when she got the chance. Enjoy the view as we take a look at Bianca au naturel, and learn a few things about her too along the way!

  • Bianca Gascoigne is a UK glamour model and celebrity.
  • In 2006, Bianca competed in, and won, reality television show ‘Love Island’ which that year was set in Fiji.
  • Bianca also took part in a celebrity version of popular show Gladiators, and also won that.
  • Bianca is good friends with fellow glamour model Imogen Thomas (who famously starred in her own celebrity sextape.

Bianca Gascoigne Topless Paparazzi Leaks

bianca gascoigne nude topless holiday with friend
bianca gascoigne nude topless holiday with friend

Papped on vacation with a friend, Bianca’s topless sunbathing made a splash when these leaks were published in a UK lad’s mag, as they are known over there. Dad Paul hit the roof, the tabloids jumped on the bandwagon, and Bianca’s future modelling career had just started it’s journey to existence – even if nobody knew it at the time.

In a bright pink string bikini, Bianca let her tits out before Free The Nipple was ever a thing. The Europeans like that sort of thing, and going topless is pretty much nothing in that Euro culture, especially when in holidaymaker mode. Basically it’s bare breasts in abundance over there, and Bianca was happy to join in with the custom by getting her boobs out in public!

bianca gascoigne nude boobs

Nude sunbathing is all the rage in Europe land, and if it isn’t full nudity then it’s topless at least for most. Great news for paparazzi looking to snap nude celebrities, and of course fantastic for us fans. Many a naked celeb has been leaked thanks to disrobing abroad, and Bianca here was just the latest in a very long line. Here’s a great full length photo of Bianca parading her boobs around the hotel pool.

bianca gascoigne nude full length tits

Taken on the same vacation (in 2007, aged 19) are these shots of Bianca topless showering in public view at the resort she stayed in with her girlfriends.

Looks like Bianca is kind of over enjoying that shower by the looks of it. But hey, at CelebMeat we don’t judge.

Bianca Gascoigne Nude Glamour Pictures

A firm fave at the time with the British public, Bianca had a whale of a time for a few years going naked for various magazines over the Pond. Happy to disrobe for the cameras, Bianca exhibited the nude body she was very rightly proud of. Here are just a few examples. Top of the list has to be this blatant provocative shot of Bianca, full frontal and all. Using just a hand to cover her pussy – sorry, *modesty* – Bianca creates the classic naked shot. Looks like a neatly shaven crotch – as you’ll see from the upskirt section below, that wasn’t always the case for Bianca’s lady garden!

bianca gascoigne nude full frontal
bianca gascoigne nude full frontal

Throw in some of Ms Gascoigne dressed only in heels and lingerie, and it’s easy to understand why so many people have masturbated to Bianca. We certainly have!

bianca gascoigne nude in stockings
bianca gascoigne nude in stockings

We can picture Bianca squatting down on a big hard cock thanks to this photo pair of her in the altogether:

bianca gascoigne fully nude

Bianca Gascoigne Upskirt Pics

As a bonus we have these wonderful Bianca Gascoigne upskirt pictures. Bianca may look pretty demure here as she flashes her white cotton panties. But the cheeky minx knows what she is doing while striking this pose.

bianca gascoigne upskirt white panties

The far more outrageous behaviour comes in the form of the pantieless upskirts while attending various events. Seems Bianca loves to go commando and often ditches underwear for that au naturel feeling between her legs. All of these are from when she was 19 -22 years old and just hitting her stride as a famous celebrity the British press couldn’t get enough of. The attention likely went to Bianca’s head, as she made a few outings for more ‘accidental’ upskirts over those years.

Juicy enough we’re sure you’ll agree. However there’s more! Though not shaved bald as per the Britney Spears pussy upskirts, Bianca flashed her pussy in a very revealing state of affairs as she attempted to exit a limo. Not what anybody could call graceful, it nevertheless gave us a great view of Bianca’s pussy lips.

bianca gascoigne upskirt pussy
Bianca Gascoigne upskirt pussy

These days Bianca has calmed down somewhat, and is a TV presenter as her ‘main’ job. Good luck to her, it’s never easy being the child of A-list celebrities. That’s our guess anyway, and pretty glad a guess is all it is! There are tons more of Bianca naked, topless, bursting out of her bikinis, and the still infamous video that allegedly shows Bianca giving then boyfriend Calum Best a blowjob. To see all those just click the banner below:


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