Amy Schumer Naked As A Jaybird

Hey hey, it’s body-proud Amy and her big (sometimes) milk-filled tits o’clock, not to mention some public nude frolicking! Like her fellow comediennes (Chelsea Handler, Sarah Silverman, Iliza Shlesinger, and Kristen Wiig, to name a few) who don’t mind going nude in front of the camera, Amy bares her boobs and butt as well as treating us to plenty of cleavage, along with some demonstrations of her blowjob & sucking cock skills, like the saucy snap below!

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With quotes, facts, and a bit of gossip thrown in, here we take a stroll through the increasingly naughty images as we go through this sexy Amy Schumer Nude portfolio.

It’s official. Amy Schumer is not a thief, and says she would take a lie detector test to prove it, stating: I don’t steal jokes, I don’t steal. Good for her! Also, in more interesting news, this is how she sucks cock ๐Ÿ˜œ

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These ones with dates may not be entirely accurate, so don’t get too riled up, as we were more intent on getting the naked and sexy pics up…

Amy’s Big Tits

Various pictures of the funnygirl’s larger than average boobs, in a variety of outfits and occasions. Like most women, Amy knows breasts are a girl’s best friend. When the chest puppies are out, or prominent, media coverage is all but guaranteed. Observe!
Amy Schumer embarked on a 50-city world tour after performing to a sold-out Madison Square Garden in New York City. Amy Schumer attended the opening night of her first ever US tour at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, on Friday, June 3, 2017. This picture isn’t part of that, but her sexy titties are clamouring to be shown on this page.

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The image below is some funny shit from a skit Amy performed about how she freshened up her pussy and inner thighs before heading out to an awards show. Amy’s pussy is tucked away, but we get a nice downblouse out of the deal:

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Amy Schumer spoke about her new book “The Schumer Show” and her life as a comedian and actress at a news conference at the New York Magazine headquarters in Manhattan on Tuesday, July 4, 2016. Everyone involved was excited, though we prefer the kind of excitement Amy generates when looking sizzling hot in a dress that shows her milf curves, and those high heels to boot.

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Past headlines over the years about Amy include gems such as: Actresses Leslie Mann and Amy Schumer attend the 21st Critics’ Choice Awards on Sunday, June 4, 2016, in Los Angeles, California. Amy Schumer and her sister Kimberly Schumer visited VH1’s Big 2015 in New York City, U.S., on Saturday, April 30, 2015. Yes ladies & gents, that passes for ‘news’. Meanwhile, the real stories like how fantastic Amy’s cleavage is get passed right on over. It’s almost criminal!

Amy Schumer, and sister Kimmy Schumer and her mother Barbara attend a screening of” The Schumer Show “at Comedy Central Theater in Manhattan on Friday, May 5, 2014. She may or may not have shown her big tits cleavage, an example of which is:

amy schumer big tits cleavage

Did we mention Amy Schumer’s sideboob dress yet by the way? No? Well here it is. Looking like the motorboat fantasy of us all, her boobs are practically spilling out. That thigh high split isn’t doing our blood pressure any favors either.

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amy schumer downblouse

amy schumer big tits sideboob

This was Amy’s outfit for the Premiere of ‘Snatched’ in 2017. Snatch of course being slang for pussy. The movie was panned by critics, not that liked by audiences, but it meant we saw Amy in the revealing dress above. So all’s well that ends well.

Schumer has been nominated for an Oscar for her performance in “Live at the Apollo” and for an Emmy for best comedy series. We today also nominate her for celebrity tits we’d most like to jizz over.

amy schumer sideboob

Amy Schumer Nude Pictures

In “Expecting Amy,” viewers see that for Schumer, the process of creating a comedy show is inextricably linked to what she’s going through. She also got naked as a jaybird in the show, making sure to display her tits and ass multiple times, at various stages of her pregnancy.

amy schumer nude pregnant

amy schumer naked pregnant

Take a look at the full list of those who voted for “The Class Clown” as best actress in a comedy series at the 2016 Emmy Awards. Well, actually you can’t, because we don’t have it (we do, but it was too boring to put on here). So enjoy Amy’s big breasts spilling out the side of her swimsuit

amy schumer sexy sideboob

The show Inside Amy Schumer premiered on Comedy Central on April 30, 2013 and after the success of the stand up series it was lit up by Comedy Central. Schumer previously appeared on the last season of Curb. She was a recurring role in the third season of Adult Swimming. Maybe. These damn outsourcers and their cryptic shit. Have a shot of Amy’s underboob to make up for it.

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What busty milf celebrity doesn’t love a different guy all over each boob! Well, most of them probably. Our fun loving busty comedienne isn’t so shy though and goes topless for a cheeky publicity shoot.

amy schumer sexy topless

Her earlier career saw Amy premiered with some other show in 2013 which had vignettes from footage of Schumer’s stand-up. Live at the Apollo, which was broadcast in April 2015 with an appearance from Chris Rock as a special guest star, was another of her early spots.

amy schumer naked towel

This sneaky towel is *just* about covering Amy’s naked boobs, which is a damn shame. Look closely and you can see from her ass that she’s actually totally nude under there. Damn you, towel.

amy schumer nude tits

Show me your tits! Ok! (Some dude, to Amy Schumer, and vice versa)
Oh, word is, Amy kept her breast out after filming had stopped, as she wanted the rest of the crew who weren’t directly involved in the scene to see her character exposing her tits. That’s quite the accommodating actress! This was for her movie Snatched.

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Amy Beth Schumer is her full name, and she was born in New York City, which in case you have never heard of it, is in New York state. Which is in the USA. You’re welcome ๐Ÿ˜‰

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In 2011, Schumer released Cutting, her debut album. Schumer has appeared on “Saturday Night Live” and “The Daily Show” many times since 2010. She has also appeared on a number of television shows and Hollywood movies.

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During the Coronavirus pandemic she produced a show and worked with her husband to create “Cooking with Amy Schumer,” a series about her experiences during that time.

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Some more of Amy’s unclothed body. Bear in mind Amy is heavy into her pregnant period in the above and below pictures where she frolics naked as a jaybird in the open air. Kudos to her for enjoying the moment.

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During the early and mid 2000 ‘naughties’ decade, Amy began to dip her toe into performing as a stand-up comedienne and gradually made her way up the ladder on the comedy circuit. In 2009, she became the first female stand-up comic to headline Madison Square Garden in New York City, selling out the 18,200-seat sold-out arena. Amy was also the first female stand-up comedian to sell out at MSG.

amy schumer nude

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