olesya rulin cleavage pokies

Olesya Rulin Shows Cheeky Cleavage and Pokies

It may be the age of cancel culture, but Olesya Rulin is in the ‘show tits or gtfo’ camp, and good for her. This sexy celebrity milf (can you believe she is 35 at the time of writing??) hates bras, loves flaunting her cleavage and nipples through skimpy tops, and treated us all to this saucy selfie complete with fashionable pout, that showcases her marvellous tits.

She also feels pretty comfortable doing nude and topless shoots, and is an all round fapworthy chick. Hailing from land of the striking blondes (that’s Russia to you), the former Disney star presents us with this collection of cleavage and pokies pictures for our wanking enjoyment. I mean appreciative, non sexualisation, deep thinking minds. Just make sure you have some tissues to hand ๐Ÿ˜‰


First up here’s the uncropped version of the featured image – that’s some nice easy access to slip in your hand and play with her tits, and the side view is pretty good too.

olesya rulin nude and sexy

Another home snap here giving us a look at those sexy legs of hers, what a shame that robe didn’t split open just a teeny bit more at the top of her thighs to show us the Olesya Rulin pussy in all it’s beauty and divine glory forever and ever Amen.

olesya rulin nude legs

nude celebrities

Back to Olesya’s titties, a very nice few shots of them all bunched together and pushed up, and all the other shit we love to see when it comes to cleavage and downblouse stuff. Looking mighty firm and juicy here!

olesya rulin cleavage

olesya rulin cleavage

olesya rulin celebrity cleavage

Some nice thigh gap from the pretty much perfect Ms Rulin and if you zoom in you can make out those nipples too. What a gal!

olesya rulin cleavage nipples

for over 18 years only

Bras? We don’t need no stinkin’ bras! Not sure if that’s a direct quote of hers, but hey actions speak louder than words anyway, according to people in the know.

olesya rulin braless pokies

A clearer shot of serial celebrity pokies contestant Olesya as she vies for the coveted Miss Prick Tease award

olesya rulin nude see through

Ah, the classic invitation to photoshop a couple of cocks in and have Olesya Rulin wanking 2 cocks at the same time. If you haven’t got the software required, or the time, effort, and all that shit, then just visualise it – see, easy! Oh, and some sideboob thrown in for good measure ๐Ÿ˜‹

olesya rulin sideboob

Who goes out in a sheer dress, shows sideboob, AND has her nipples on display? Why, Olesya Rulin, that’s who! That look on her face you just KNOW is saying ‘yes, of course you can look, here they are. Would you like to touch them? Would you like me to touch your penis as well?’ Or something like that.

olesya rulin sideboob nipple

And for even more of this blonde bombshell just hit the link below – be warned, there is FULL nudity involved, along with actual sex tapes of the stars, so you do have to be over the age of 18 to view the link


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