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Nude Celebrities Lady GaGa Miley Cyrus & Amber Heard

Enjoy today’s view of these three feisty celebrities nude for our appraisal. Each is blessed with an oversized dose of ‘Fuck You’ attitude, a penchant for stripping naked just for the hell of it, and no small measure of crazy for good measure. With no particular reason for this article other than to store them in the wank bank, let’s get started. Scroll through each and every naked pic or use the menu below to skip straight to your preferred nude celebrity!

Lady GaGa Nudes

Lady GaGa has been referred to as the poor man’s Madonna. Harsh and ultimately unfair – even Madonna drew inspiration from others – that’s to belittle not only her artistic works, but her style of sexual expression. Madonna was more in your face, whereas when Lady GaGa goes nude, she seems to aim for more thoughtful appreciation.

Brought up in Manhattan, the native New Yorker is an eclectic person who has no problem taking her clothes off in the name of both art and sexual expression. Gaga also has a banging body and tight pussy, proof of which can be seen in the various nude photos she has had taken over the years below.

lady gaga nude ass

Pretty nice bare ass for a white girl! Lady GaGa’s pussy is clean shaven as we can see from the front with only a strategically placed hand.


lady gaga nude pussy cover

Don’t worry we also have this picture of Lady Gaga nude with those shaved pussy lips on show. This is from the documentary A Star Is Born and demonstrates how at ease the saucy songstress is with being naked and giving everyone a full frontal. Ms GaGa’s exposed soapy tits are icing on the cake.

lady gaga nude pussy

lady gaga nude pussy closeup

You can watch the video clip (along with a bizarre but completely nude yoga routine by Lady GaGa) at C-ZOOM – strictly for adults only.

Miley Cyrus Nudes

Miley gives even pornstars a run for their money when it comes to how many times we have seen her naked. Did you know she even has a pissing video (available here, and yes it IS genuine)? Miley delights in shocking fans and critics alike with her madcap antics which often involve showing tits, ass, pussy and aforementiond pee tape! Wilder than Madonna’s overgrown pubic hair, Miley will flash her tits for far less than beads at Mardi Gras. There’s much to choose from but check these Miley Cyrus nude examples on for size.

miley cyrus nude full frontal with hairy armpits

How’s that for an introduction to every inch of Miley’s body as nature intended! Lord knows why the armpit statement is all about but talk about unabashed nudity from one of pop’s biggest names. And this is tame by comparison to what else she does when in the mood for the camera.


The ‘controversy’ over Wrecking Ball, the video for which had a fully nude Miley swinging around on a – you guessed it, wrecking ball – was exacerbated by the uncut explicit version. That cut showed tits and ass and was roundly condemned by the moral police. As usual.

The video was of course banned, but is available in all good book shops. Just kidding, it’s at the ever reliable C-Zoom. As is the Miley Cyrus pee tape, click the screenshot below to see it inside our sister site C-Zoom:

miley cyrus pissing pussy

Miley Cyrus nude is a tough celebrity act to follow but nevertheless we present this selection of:

Amber Heard Nudes

Amber is legit bananas as anyone who was unlucky enough to hear the details of her court case versus ex-husband Johnny Depp will already be aware of. Amber is fucking beautiful there’s no doubt about that. Ya gotta watch the side servings of craziness though. We don’t like to slate anyone too heavily here at CelebMeat, Lord knows we all have enough mental issues of our own. But lets just say Amber is on the celebrity fuck wishlist rather than marriage material.

amber heard nude tits

Kicking off with a cheeky breast flash, Amber’s tits aren’t what anyone could call big. She makes up for it by being willing to get them out though. And has an ass to die for as evidenced below.


Amber stripped nude for movie London Fields to give us this glorious view of her derriere. How we’d like to give that a playful smack or several while fucking the lovely lady from behind while she’s bent over on all fours, and urging to grab her ankles and give the good hard slamming a naughty whor… sorry, we got caught up in that fantasy for a second. Anyway you get the idea.

amber heard nude ass

With a killer body that we see here in full, Amber Heard sex scenes are sadly far fewer than we’d like. Nonetheless at least she has done nude movie roles (you can see more of those at our Amber Heard has nice tits article) for us to spank the monkey over.

amber heard nude sex

A round of applause then for the tasty trio of Lady GaGa, Miley Cyrus, and Amber Heard for gracing us with their uncensored nudes. And by round of applause we mean hearty wank.

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