natalie dormer cleavage downblouse

Natalie Dormer Downblouse Cleavage And Sideboob

Naughty Natalie Dormer LOVES flashing the flesh, and to add to her nude celebrity goodness at, we get to look at some of her cleavage, and sideboob – with a nice upskirt thrown in for good measure.

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natalie dormer sexy 001

So, Natalie is an English actress whose birthday is 11 February (born in 1982), and she was born in Reading – pronounced ‘redding’ – in the county of Berkshire. Counties in the UK are what we call states by the way. Her breakthrough role came with the television series ‘The Tudors’, which sounds boring as fuck but no doubt had some fans. The important thing is she got her kit off in it, and is where the above image comes from. The nudes you can see at seeings as this is a sexy but non-nude page. We don’t hold back on the linked page though, so head straight over there for the naked goods.

natalie dormer sexy 002

Ms Dormer is of Norwegian heritage, where it’s cold as a motherfucker and twice as cold on weekends, maybe that’s why her nipples seem to be permanently erect – we present proof here with these Natalie Dormer pokies, or if you prefer the term: peanut smuggling. Oh, she also has Welsh heritage as well, but we couldn’t think of anything to write about that.

natalie dormer sexy 003

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natalie dormer upskirt

Quite the cheeky minx is our Natalie, she looks like a fun fuck what with always having a sexy smile, naughty grin, or teasing glint in the eye whenever she is topless, nude, or giving us a good look at her downblouse and sideboob outfits. That last upskirt is pretty good too, shaved pussy lips straining to open up and take a nice cock in there no doubt, just behind that thin layer of cotton gusset on her panties!

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