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Jamie Lee Curtis Nude [Trading Places Video]

One of Hollywood’s hottest bodies ever to grace our screens, Jamie Lee Curtis recently remarked on how she’d never repeat her on camera nude appearances. Her most famous naked showing was in Trading Places (video below), where she starred alongside big hitters Eddie Murphy and Dan Akroyd, before becoming a box office star in her own right. Blessed by the good lord with an amazing pair of boobs and killer body, Jamie Lee Curtis has had several nude outings in movies, but this scene is the one almost everyone remembers – and for good reason! Lets revisit that classic nude scene, not to mention her braless with her nipples on show in a fantastic example of nipple pokies, along with her naked tits on display… Scroll down for the pictures and video (you can use the ‘quick jump’ menu to skip straight to the video) 🥳

Jamie Lee Curtis Nude Braless Pokies

for over 18 years only

Quite the pair of breasts on Jamie, and this preamble where she parades around in front of Dan while braless, and erect nipples on proud duty, left us eagerly waiting toi see if she actually got nude so we could clock her chest puppies…

jamie lee curtis nude braless

jamie lee curtis nude pokies

jamie lee curtis nude braless tits

for over 18 years only

Jamie Lee Curtis Nude Tits

After that fine example of her full heavy perfectly shaped tits in such a tight fitting dress while braless, we get to see Jamie Lee stand in front of the mirror and remove her outfit, exposing her nude titties for us, in a completely gratuitous topless foray, as was common in films of the time. Check out the chest puppies and give a side-nod to Jamie’s wonderfully flat and toned stomach. Before drooling over her naked tits again of course:

One of the greatest pairs of tits in Tinsel Town, the marvellous view that is Jamie Lee Curtis’s nude tits to wonder over:

jamie lee curtis nude mirror tits

Oh to be Jamie’s hands cupping these naked breasts and giving them the cheeky grope that she surely must be – who wouldn’t be fondling their own tits if they had a set like this?

for over 18 years only

A feast for the eyes for sure.

Jamie Lee Curtis Nude Video

And here is Jamie Lee Curtis and her nude braless tits, check out the way the wobble but firmly – exquisite!

Just beautiful!

jamie lee curtis nude

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