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Diane Farr Nude Tits & Ass [Pics + Videos]

Check out celebrity milf and all round great actress Diane Farr going nude for a full frontal along with her tits and ass flashing exploits. The brunette beauty has stripped naked for TV show Californication and gone totally starkers in movie Palm Springs. Here are the videos and pictures of Diane minus her clothes, as we take a look at her finest unclothed moments!

    Quick fact list:

  • Diane has a pussy bush in her only full frontal scene to date
  • Farr also took part in a raunchy threesome for a sex scene on camera with 2 male co-stars
  • As well as being an accomplished actress, Diane is also a producer
  • Other acting jobs include Roswell, American Romance, and Rescue Me

Diane Flashing Tits & Ass in Californication

Diane Farr flashing tits and ass
Diane Farr flashing tits and ass

What man doesn’t absolutely love to be flashed by a woman in a trench coat – no man we know, that’s for damn sure. Ladies are far coyer than us guys when it comes to showing the opposite sex their genitals are sexy bits, as anyone who has witnessed how each sex leaves the shower and head to the bedroom will know. Men have an inbuilt urge to thrust their cock out, wave it around, and shout ‘woohoo’. Whereas women tell you to fuck off if you so much as give THEM a woohoo as they scurry between rooms in their towel. This normalcy is why it’s a turn-on for guys when they do get flashed by the girls, and why this scene resonates with us.

diane farr flashing tits

It actually transpired afterwards that Diane used a body double, but still. The cut makes it look like Farr, and that’s good enough for us so her it is in our wanking!

Nipple On Show In Threesome Sex Scene

diane farr nude threesome
Diane Farr nude threesome

2017 movie Palm Swings sees Diane play the part of Claire, one half of a swinging couple. The real goods come in the form of the video below where we get to see ALL of Di’s body, but this threesome is a pretty decent sex scene, with Farr completely nude and seemingly thoroughly getting into the role. The part where she glances up and we see her nipple is where she looks at her female neighbor, who is sitting there watching the threeway fuck session while masturbating. Pretty hot scenario!

diane farr nipple in threesome sex

Full Frontal Tits & Bush On Complete Display

Diane Farr nude full frontal
Diane Farr nude full frontal video

This is where Diane confuses the fuck out of us. From using a body double in Californication to this blatant display of full frontal nudity. How does that square? Ah who knows, and who cares, because the milf/mature actress has her charms in plain sight for us to enjoy. Sporting thick erect nipples atop her small but eminently suckable titties Diane makes this naked appearance in a dream sequence. Proudly showing her full bush as all good celebrities do at some stage, Farr is the epitome of fuckable sexy older woman. Straight up wife next door vibes – or on the same street at least.

diane farr baring nude breasts

The hands on hips while standing completely undressed is always a good look, the head tilt gives it that extra measure of ‘enjoy having a good look at my naked body’ for the cherry on top.

Three cheers and a jerkoff for the star of this article – ladies and gentlemen, the wonderful Diane Farr nude for our enjoyment! *applause* etc.

diane farr full frontal nude

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