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Kim Kardashian Possible Divorce Nude Video

Damn, seems like Kim and Kanye are having marital problems, and are reportedly going for counselling. It’s always extremely, extremely painful to go through a breakup, whether you are rich or poor, famous or not, so first up a big fuck off to people who seem to be happy at this just because they dislike Kim or Kanye, or both. Secondly we truly wish them the best and hope they can work through whatever issues they are going through at the moment – many an impossible seeming situation has been resolved and ‘won’. Thirdly, though this isn’t a music blog and we can’t put any Kanye tracks up, we CAN take a look at some of Kim’s nude and sexy moments over the years, so here’s a small naked compilation video of Kim we shared on twitter.

Doubtful it’ll help either of them as far as the relationship stuff, but yes, as pretty much diehard Kim fans in the office for her insane work ethic, fuck you attitude, poise, smarts, and her love of freedom of expression; we might not be your typical ‘hope it all works out’ message, but it’s no less heartfelt than ‘normal’ well wishes.

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